Top is here, bottoms here, shoes here, sunglasses here, necklace here.


Hey guys! How are you doing?!? This has been the craziest of weeks between wedding planning nightmare, school, and crazy sports schedule! This outfit was one that I wore this past weekend, and was able to wear the pants again to work on Monday (with a different top of course)! I love how versatile they can be. You can dress them up with heels, or down with sandals like I did. They have such a nice fit and I got sooo many compliments on them! I paired it with this top here, which I got at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I linked a similar one that is just as cute! When wearing to school I paired it with this top. Definitely a staple in your closet!

I’m typing this as i’m staring out the window watching it rain and we have two soccer games today after school and then a girls night out! The day started off so good – I got the SWEETEST note from one of my students, and another student brought me her moms spicy salsa .. ummm YUM! So let’s hope this rain goes away! I am also cranky because we have been dealing with hotel nightmare situation for our wedding block – but I won’t get too much into details because i’m hoping they will end up accommodating us. Send some good thoughts my way!! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Kimono here, tank here, shorts here, shoes here and here sunglasses here, necklace here.

Hey guys!!! I’ve totally been MIA lately, but the weather has been so cold it’s hard to go outside on the weekends and take pictures as well as blog post shoots. Tom is great, but he’s not THAT willing ;). Plus we have been super busy with a lot of wedding stuff, and just living our lives outside of work. I apologize in advance for how pale I am (AHHH), but I had to blog this outfit for you because I love it! I got my regular size in the shorts and kimono and love them. I had to size up in the tank because they were low in stock, but i’d almost rather have it larger so it fits looser. It is a v neck tank which is so flattering, and I paired it with my new Sam Edelmans that i’ve worn probably 4 times the past week. I love the platform detail on them that makes you just a little bit taller, and the cute bow detail! They are such a steal – I linked them from two different places above. Definitely one of my favorite shoe purchases!!

Express always has sales so I always wait until they have a sale to shop most products. I got these three items during their 40% off sale so all items were under $100 total! I know I rant and rave about express jeans all the time, but i’m starting to love their shorts too – they just fit so perfectly, and I like that the inseam is longer on them – not to mention they are high waisted. They have so many cute styles to browse i’m definitely adding some to my wish list. 🙂

Some of you have been asking for an update on wedding planning.. so here goes! Last time I was on here we had just gone to the vendor and picked out all of that stuff along with the florist, the tastings, and the cake. Since then we have gotten our invitations done – mailing out in the next two weeks (I LOOOVEEE THEM). We went through Kelly Reif, and despite sending them back for like 329184035 revisions, she was so patient with us. We are doing our placecards through her, so i’m excited to see how they will turn out. She is in the Naperville area, so I definitely recommend her if you need someone! I have put little snippets of our invitations on my Instastories – they look so good. I actually wanted to go cheap at first on invitations and go through Shutterfly or Minted, but my dad said “That is the first impression people get of your wedding, and it reflects on us”, which is so true! Thank you mom and dad!!!:) **Kisses**

We also spent a lot of time figuring out our transportation situation. I’m not going to get too much into details, but long story short – we have a lot of logistics and need a few one way trips – not a 5 hour block of busses. So we had to end up booking 3 different companies to accommodate us – happy thoughts that the day turns out alright! Lol! We also ordered our party favors and got those squared away. I’m so happy we are 3 months out because wedding planning is literally like a second job! You don’t even know how much there is to do or how much work goes into it until you go through it! Looking forward to saying “I do” , celebrating, and then being on that sandy beach in Turks & Caicos! 88 days 🙂

I hope you guys have a good rest of your week – and as always – thanks for reading!!:)

Hey guys!! So if you have been following along with my eyebrow journey on my Instagram, here is where they started to flake off (I got them microbladed) – if you want to know more about the process, check the highlights on my Instagram page where I answer some of the questions I was getting and more! Onto my hair review with Monat. That is the link to check out all of their products, and I have done a contact part at the bottom for Haley because she is so sweet!

I received all of this product from Haley and she was so nice to send all of this to me to try out and review since these are all non-toxic, natural products! The packaging was all dolled up – I loved it! I first started with the shampoo and conditioner, which smelled soooo good! Anyone else have shampoo that just smells so good you want to use it all without using the whole bottle?! LOL! So I used it for about a month until I was out. What I did notice is that the shampoo is less creamy (if that makes sense) than the liter bottles of shampoo I get from Ulta. This causes you to use more in order to cover your head if you have long hair or thick hair, because it doesn’t get very sudsy and spread easily. I normally use Redken tan bottle (for dry, brittle hair) or Redken blue bottle (High Rise Volume). Lately, I have been using the Redken High Rise Volume, which could have contributed to why I didn’t see a huge difference while using Monat volume. After two or three weeks of using Monat, I did notice that my hair seemed more course, which could mean it was appearing thicker. I have attached a closer up image of the shampoo and conditioner below.

One product that I really loved was the dry shampoo (picture below). When I sprayed it on, it didn’t spray starch white like most, and it absorbed into the hair REALLY well, without leaving residue. It also smells so good, just like the shampoo and conditioner products. I have very thin hair, and it gets greasy around my scalp easily, so dry shampoo is a savior!

Another product I received was split end mender, which is helpful for longer, thinner hair. I would apply this to my ends after I showered, and I personally think it definitely helped to moisten them! I have attached a picture below for reference. If you have brittle hair like me, this helps a ton!

Another product I received was their replenish masque. You put this in after you shampoo your hair and leave it in for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out in the shower. It helps give your hair a deep, deep nourish. It felt good to me personally to do this, but it is similar to deep conditioning products I have used before from Ulta.

Another product that I tried was their reshape root lifter. I only tried this twice, since when I sprayed it into my hair and rubbed it into my roots, it caused such bad dandruff after those two days of doing it. I was nervous to use it again!! I will try again in the next few weeks and let you guys know if I change my mind about it, but I didn’t see it lift my roots (could have been because it was only two uses).

Below is all of the products I received. I really enjoyed trying these products out, and the ones I would recommend were the split end mender, the dry shampoo (YESSSSS), and if you’d like to try a new shampoo and conditioner these are similar to the Redken! If you need a good deep cleansing masque, this is also a good go to! I loved that they were non-toxic, all natural products!

Thank you again to Haley for letting me try out these products! If you would like to follow her to get more information about the products she is such a great resource! They have more types of shampoo other than volume if you would like to check those out. Her IG handle is “hayhay721” or you can go here. Check it out && thanks for reading!!



Swimsuit top here, bottoms here, bag here, sandals here

Hey guys! With spring break coming up I thought i’d do a post on swimsuits that I have purchased for this summer, or swimsuits that are on my wish list! High waisted bottoms are making a comeback (yesssss finally!!), and so are one pieces which I love! The more coverage – the better, am I right?! I have linked a ton with stock photos below, no bikini body for this girl yet! They are all at different price points, and all are so different! I have inserted a widget at the bottom with all of them and a few others that I already have in my closet, if you’d like to scroll and compare. Happy spring break time!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.12.00 PM

I have a one piece just like this one, except in blue. It is a little bit of a splurge, but so so cute!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.17.15 PM

This bikini I just recently got, and I love the red color of it! It makes it so feminine, and Asos has some of the best bikinis! Their sizing is true to size on this one. The top is linked here, and the bottoms are linked here. They have a few different style bottoms too if you want less coverage or more.


This one piece I think is SOO cute, definitely on my wishlist, I just haven’t pulled the trigger to purchase yet. I love the cutout on the stomach area, and that the strap is detachable so you can wear as a halter or not.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.21.33 PM

This is also on my wish list and a bit of a splurge. I love the color block trend, and these cool but summery colors make this swimsuit very flattering! The top is linked here, and the bottoms are here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.25.15 PM

This one piece is also on my wishlist, I just wish I had somewhere to wear it to! Next beach trip I have planned, i’m definitely splurging!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.27.53 PM

Okay by now you probably see my one piece obsession is real (sorry tan lines!), but THIS one is such an affordable price and just darling! I will be at the pool all the time this summer so I can’t wait to wear all of them.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.35.34 PM.png

I know I say this every time I talked about ruffles, but anything ruffles seriously = LOVE . . I linked the top here, and the bottoms here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 3.37.43 PM.png

My last one I saved for this one that is super expensive, but if I save my pennies I will purchase. It comes in two colors that I want – black and confetti tangerine (so sad so expensive), but for those dreamers… 🙂 Here it the top and here for orange, and the bottoms here and here.


Hey guys! I have been so super busy with wedding planning, so I thought it’d be fun to do a little update/wedding Wednesday post for you guys! Whether you are already married, getting married, single as ever, there are so many things that change every year with planning, and it’s so much work that you don’t expect! But then again, who thought planning a wedding would be easy?!

We found our venue last year about a month after we got engaged. We knew, since i’m a teacher that we’d have to get married over the summer if we wanted a honeymoon to happen right after, and we didn’t want to wait two years to get married so we decided to plan a wedding in 13ish months – crazy, I know, but definitely worth it!! And a lot of people are getting married in less than a year, so I guess we aren’t too crazy!

We had a family friend, Erika Edwards take our engagement photos – boy were we awkward! We aren’t much of the PDA type, and we aren’t very good models romantically ;). She was so sweet, and worked so well with us – and it rained and drizzled the ENTIRE time! I was a wet mop by the end of it! She did such a good job editing and making them perfect for us!

We had our engagement party about 3 months after we got engaged, and this was the only time that I could ever get all of my bridesmaids together (except one who was getting back from Croatia this day 🙁 ..) so I thought it’d be the perfect time to ask them! I asked them with the confetti popping balloons, so I wanted to do it all together so that whoever wanted to post it – could without ruining how i’d ask the other girls! Ten BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids!

Recently, my mom and I went to the vendor that works with our venue to pick out table linens, centerpieces, etc. I originally started my wedding wanting a white/champagne theme since it’s so elegant and clean. My bridesmaids were all going to be in gold sequin dresses, which I then realized it would snag and give them rashes on their arms from rubbing against sequins. I then chose to have them all in champagne colored dresses. That quickly went down the drain when I thought about all of the different skin tones and how some wouldn’t be happy wearing a cream dress – and if they are spending a good buck on it I want them to be happy. I then made the shift to 3 different colored dresses, and I let them choose which color and style they wanted, with 4 of them ending up being champagne (perfect because majority are then in my wedding color). I am so happy I did this, and I hope they are too. They will all look so gorgeous in them on my wedding day!

Sorry for the tangent, but that just explains how my color scheme got a little off from what I wanted, so i’m sticking with everything else being as white and champagne as possible! I started off wanting white covered chairs with champagne sashes, but then realized it reminded me of an old movie where an antique room has a bunch of sheets covering old pianos and such that kids get freaked out because they think their ghosts, etc. I then moved over to wanting chiavari (probably spelled that incorrect) chairs with tool bows around it to make it pretty, tie in my colors, and it will open up the room more since we invited about 280 people! Plus, they are more summery! I chose this runner since it meshes with when I first wanted my bridesmaids to wear gold sequin dresses, and since I want tall vases with flowers alternating with short flower centerpieces, it helps fill the table without filling it with junk! My mom was trying to convince me to have a mirror, or candles, and i’m a very simple person, so I decided quickly against it!

They are remodeling our venue, so here is a picture of what the remodel will look like. The right side is lined with almost floor to ceiling windows, and the back wall has those 3 mirrors to open up the room. They are finished April 1st so i’m super excited to see it!

I found this cake on google when I was looking for champagne and white cakes and it is absolutely perfect – simplistic, but pretty! It also ties in with our theme, and Tom is picking out the cake topper on top. ; )

These are the bouquets that I want the bridesmaids to have (we are going to the florist next Saturday) since they are all in 3 different colored dresses, plain white will tie in the uniform feel to it. I want a little more green added to it, but I think this being different from plain white roses is so romantic and pretty.

This last one is a picture of the bouquet that I want. I want mine to be different, and tie in my white and champagne theme. It will also bring out the champagne and mocha dresses as well. Thank heavens for pinterest and google because this has been such a long process!! Everything that I have decided on, I have almost changed within a few months because I change my mind after seeing new things.

This upcoming weekend we are meeting with the florist, doing our entree tasting, checking out the church to see what decorations we would want, and then meeting our invitation designer. It will be a busy day, but after we get all of those things done all that is left is to book our honeymoon, register at places, oh and a million other things that come up. They say that booking all of the places gets you crazy, then six months out gets you crazy, and then you’re fine until closer to when it’s all the little things. Thank heavens my fiance is amazing, my mom is amazing, and everyone else who has helped out is amazing – it’s helping me hopefully not turn into a bridezilla!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, and thanks for following along!:)