Jumpsuit here, crossbody bag here, shoes here, bracelets here and here.

Hey guys!! I haven’t been on here in so long, but I thought this jumpsuit I shot a few weeks ago would be the perfect time to do a blog post since it is 50% off making it just under $45!! I sized up to a large in this because I wasn’t sure of it with my height (5’7), but I wish I stuck with my medium, because it fits true to size and my legs look like they’re swimming when i’m not popping one out. πŸ˜‰ I have been loving wearing these darlington flats lately because they go with everrryyything! I know they are a bit of a splurge now, but still so worth it. I love them with shorts, pants, jeans no matter the color, dresses – just so so cute! I have also been using this crossbody bag on repeat every day. I never thought i’d get used to not having a purse, but it has happened! Nordstrom has been having some major sales on all things Nsale, so I will keep an eye out for these babies to go on sale for any of those who want them!

Some of you have been asking me how the married life has been, and frankly – it is no different! Haha! Tom and I have been living together for over 4 years, so the only thing that’s different is having the hassle of changing my last name, and him wearing a ring lol. I haven’t told anyone on Instagram, but we started looking at houses a few weeks ago to start browsing since we ultimately want to move into a house by May when our lease is up. We have been so busy with catching up on everything, planning things, and our fantasy drafts (UMMM HIIII FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW!), house hunting, you name it that we haven’t really stopped to take everything in lately. I have also been busy with back to school and soccer starting, which i’m sure you all know based on my absent-ness on instastories and i’m not always posting every day. If you don’t step back you never realize how life gets ahead of you, but don’t worry – I already have next weeks blog post planned – so stay tuned for that! I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week and enjoy football starting up if you are an NFL fan or fantasy player. YAHOO!! As always, thank you for reading! πŸ™‚


Hi guys! Getting married is a job all in itself, but changing your name afterwards is really the hassle! As soon as I started I made a list to remember what to do, what I had done, and what it all entails. I figured I would turn it into a blog post so others can use it as a checklist for themselves too!

First thing was to get married and have your priest/reverend send in the marriage license. You then get a marriage certificate in the mail – or some may opt to pick it up at the court house, whichever you chose when you got your marriage license.

STEP ONE – Social Security Card

Once you get your marriage certificate in the mail you have to get a new social security card. I brought my drivers license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and old social security card with. Once filling out the paperwork you do need to know your parents information and social security number for whatever reason. HA!

STEP TWO – Drivers License

I then took the piece of paper saying I filed for a new social security card to the DMV and got myself a new drivers license and state ID card. Before you go make sure you practice your signature – I didn’t and it was a big mistake! I also signed up for the voter registration here.

STEP THREE – Bank and Payment Info

I then went to the bank and changed my name on my bank accounts. I had to get new debit/credit cards ordered as well as order new checks. Going off of this I had to get a new Target card, Nordstrom card, by contacting them all separately. Some places you have to call over the phone to verify your name change, others can be done through e-mail.Β Once I got my new debit/credit cards in the mail I had to update all websites that my cards are synced to such as Netflix, Apple Music, SpotHero, Redbox, Uber/Lyft, iTunes, etc.Β I then got a new e-mail address since my old one has my last name in it. I went through a ton of different websites that I have my old e-mail address and name in such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Express, etc. and updated my name in my shipping address as well.

STEP FOUR – Passport

My next thing was to update my passport. Thankfully I got my passport within the last year, so I don’t have to pay for a new one for a name change! There is paperwork to fill out that you submit along with your marriage license and your old passport to them.

STEP FIVE – Employer and Insurance

I then had to do my name change through work. Being a teacher, I had to go through HR to change my health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, TRS, IMRF, Blue Cross Blue Shield cards, teaching license for ISBE, key card to get into the building, school e-mail, W4, W2, etc. HR is VERY good about helping you with this. I didn’t put Tom on my health insurance, but if I did there would be more there to do. I then contacted my retirement advisor for my 403B – non teachers have 401K to get my name changed for that.

STEP SIX – Personal and Home

We don’t own a house, but if we did we would have to change my name on the loan/mortgage. I’m going to contact the office of our complex to see if I need to change my name for our current lease and renters insurance. I also need to look into my car loan and once I pay it off in April switch the name on my title over. I also need to update my car insurance. Next is to update my name through my doctors offices such as dentist, annual health checkup, female doctor, etc. If you have utilities in your name, I have Comcast cable, that also then needs to be switched over.

STEP SEVEN – Optional

Other miscellaneous things: notify local post office, IRS, gym membership, paypal, cell phone, school loans, vets, social networks, library cards, FOID card, LinkedIn


Below I have chosen some of my favorites from our wedding photos! Enjoy!! πŸ™‚


So I was a little behind the NSale this year by going to Nasvhille they day that it opened, but I had so much fun in Nashville that it didn’t even matter to me! Now that the NSale is public, here are some of my favorite picks! I’m going to link my sizing under each – even though I usually always wear mediums and if its big it’s oversized and if it’s smaller then it’s more fitted! There are still a few items I haven’t pulled the trigger on to get yet, and others that sold out before they shipped them out to me so they had to cancel my order .. grrr! Here’s to success for your shopping and many fall outfits!


Sweater M/L, Tank M, Shorts 29 (run small), Sunglasses


Top M, Shorts 28


Tank M, Spanx M, Shoes 9.5 (I always get my gym shoes a half size up)


Booties 9 TTS


Dress 8 (Topshop runs small most of the time – order a size up)


Sweater M, Jeans 28, Booties same as above, Sunglasses


Sweater M, Shorts same as above


Tank L, Leggings M


Top M (this print ran smaller than the cream print for some reason), Shorts same as above, Sunglasses


Sweater 8 (returned for a 6 – Topshop again – weird sizes), Tank M, Shorts 29 (same as above)


Top M, Shorts same as above


Top M, Joggers M (could size up for looser fit)


Top M (runs on the shorter side), Pants M, Sunglasses


Top M, Shorts same as above


Top M, Shorts 28, Sandals


Top S, Shorts same as above


BLANKNYC Jacket M, Shorts


Top M, Shorts 28, Sunglasses


Top M, Shorts same as above, Sunglasses


Cardigan M, Cami M


Top M (order a size up for a longer/looser fit), Shorts same as above


Top M (could have sized down – SOOO SOFT!), Shorts 6


Top M, Shorts same as above


Dress M (should have sized down), Flats 9 TTS, Sunglasses


Pajama Set M TTS



So the day has finally come for my bachelorette party.. going to parties before it never phased me that i’d get a bachelorette party for myself, it almost feels so selfish – but I am SO excited to go on a girls trip this weekend! We are road tripping there (it’s about 7.5 hours, probably 9 with my friend Krista’s pee breaks πŸ˜‰ but it will be so much fun!). I thought i’d do a blog post about what i’m packing and how I arrange it. Wherever I am going I try to think through the days activities and what i’ll need each day, so that I only pack one extra, and use almost all of what I bring. So i’ve compiled it all and here is what I came up with! Keep in mind I don’t wear glasses or contacts, and we are staying at an Air BnB (is that how you spell it?!) with a road trip involved for traveling.


Casual Outfits (2)

Dressy Outfits (2)

Jean Shorts (3)

Car Ride Clothes (1)

Pajamas (3)

Swimsuits (2)

Towels (One pool, one bath)

Undies (I like to bring a ton)

Bras (strapless, sticky, etc.)



Gym Shoes (for walking)



Body Wash

Face Wash



Hair Dryer

Hair Brush

Curling Iron

Hair Spray

Lotion/Face Lotion



Dental Floss




Phone charger




Cards and ID



Hair Scrunchies


Feminine Products

Empty Water Bottle


Wet Wipes

Solo Cups

Neck Pillow


If I ever forget to pack anything the worst case scenario is that I buy it while i’m there, am I right?! I always bring way more undies than I need, but better to be fresh than sorry! I also change up my number of outfits based upon how many days I am going there for. We are driving down tomorrow, staying Friday and Saturday, and driving back Sunday. I can’t wait to do a Nashville blog post all about my trip for you guys when I get back! Thanks as always for reading, and I hope this helps some of you when you’re packing! πŸ™‚


Happy almost Fourth of July! I have rounded up some of the cutest items I could find around or below $50 for you guys in a ton of categories depending upon what your plans are! There is also free shipping and returns with any of your orders if they don’t work out for you. I have broken them into the following categories: swim if you are doing a pool party event, romper if you are doing some type of bbq, dresses if you are going to a more formal event or you simply just want to look cute, and then tops/bottoms for a more casual outfit and items that you could mix and match with what you already have in your closet. Happy shopping – and tag me in your pictures if you buy any of these products!! πŸ™‚



Swim is my first category – I have found some cute one piece swimmies, along with some two piece separates. There are a ton of tops that could have matching bottoms or you could mix and match with others, or even some you already have which is what I do most of the time!


Rompers are my second category. I LOVE a good romper! They are so easy to throw on and pair with wedges or sandals and look so cute.


Dresses are my next category. I have linked a ton of casual ones that you could wear over a swimsuit or with sandals, and a few more dressy ones in case you are going to a fancy party or barbecue or you just want to make a statement!


Anyone looking for pieces you can wear many more times than just the fourth? This is your spot! These tops are so easy to mix and match and pair with so many other outfits throughout the rest of summer.


Last but not least, the bottoms! I have linked some of my all time favorite pairs of shorts that are so versatile, and a skirt I am obsessed with. These are perfect to wear with anything you already have in your closet, or you can wear it over swim bottoms, whatever you would like! I have some of these, and some are on my wish list that I will be purchasing soon – so you will see me in a lot of these going forward. Purchase them before I do and show me how you style them!:)

I hope you all have a safe holiday, and as always thanks for reading!!