Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to do a pregnancy update so I can remember this time for what I have gone through. Pregnancy is very hard, but also a very beautiful journey, and I know I am lucky to be able to go through it! Before I get down to the details by trimester, I want to share my maternity photos that we got taken by Audrey Hoover.

First of all, oh my is she sweet! Taking pictures can be so awkward when you don’t know the person taking them, but they were not awkward at all! She did an absolute amazing job, and we got them back in a week! Not too many people can say that about turn around time. I really wanted to do a photo shoot in the snow, and she was sweet enough to put weekends on hold weather depending so that I could get exactly what I wanted! Tom sprained his ankle the evening before pictures, so he was hobbling around the entire time and she made them great!!! I already ordered some to have them printed off and hung up in the nursery. I am going to post some of my favorites below, and then I will break down my pregnancy by trimester and all of my symptoms.


It’s hard to just choose a few because they are so perfect! My dress is from Asos, and I incentivized Tom by letting him pick out his own outfit. He was such a trooper because he hates the cold! So happy we have these pictures to cherish and look back on!

First Trimester: My first trimester was really rough, and thinking back to it I almost don’t remember the bad times because I have appreciated how much better I have felt since. I got put on nausea medication because I was so nauseous all of the time – gagging, but not able to throw up which is such an icky feeling. You know when you just want to throw up so you can feel better but you aren’t able to? That was me! I was also SO exhausted. I can’t even tell you how many times I cried to Tom because I was so tired; and he felt completely helpless since there was nothing he could do to make me feel any better. If I even attempted to go to orange theory I would literally not even want to climb the stairs in my house to go to bed, and then cry about it lol. It was bad! Many times I’d fall asleep on the couch because I just couldn’t get up. At the time it seemed like it was never going to end, but looking back, for some odd reason it doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I know it’s bad to say but feeling so horrible was also so reassuring that everything with my pregnancy was okay, since the first 13 weeks are so nerve wracking.

Second Trimester: I didn’t start feeling the “high” of second trimester until about 17 weeks when my nausea went away. I finally was getting my energy back. I was able to start working out again, and I got off my nausea medication! I started to get some really bad headaches, but they would subside with Tylenol. The flutters I started feeling at week 17 turned to full on kicks at 21 weeks. Tom even felt them! It was such a weird feeling, but now it’s like a normal thing to me. People have told me I will miss them when they’re gone – so i’m trying to enjoy them while they last.. So long as baby girl isn’t keeping me up at night! Second trimester was also fun because we got to find out the gender – we did the blood test as soon as we could because we are impatient! We didn’t want to do the traditional gender reveal party (nothing against anyone who does), so we threw a housewarming party and surprised everyone there with the gender. Tom and I found out together alone, and then surprised everyone else. We did this so that we could have that special moment just us two, and then be able to watch other peoples reactions instead of thinking about our own. If I could do it this way a million times I would!

Third Trimester: Third trimester has brought the exhaustion back, but not nearly as bad as first trimester. I am able to get by as long as I get a nap in. I have had a lot of heart burn and acid reflux, but taking tums has somewhat helped with that. I’ll usually wake up in the morning with charlie horses in my calves and have to stretch, but Tom also uses his acupuncture gun (I think this is what it’s called?) on my calves before bed to try and help for the next morning. He got it off of Amazon. My job requires me to stand all day long, which has led me to have back pain, but wearing a maternity belt has worked wonders for me in supporting my growing belly! On the bright side, I haven’t started swelling yet! I’ve heard that when you don’t elevate your legs, etc. that it can lead to swelling – but i’m now 33w2d and nothing yet! I still have 6 weeks until my due date, but boy am I excited/happy/nervous/anxious/all the things!

I know most symptoms are more good than bad, but I just keep in mind that my body is going through an amazing process and creating a life inside of me. I am counting down the days and I am in full on nesting mode! Probably driving Tom a little crazy with my to-do list for him all of the time – but that’s the teacher inside of me! My goal is to finish hanging our nursery things on the wall this weekend, so that I can do a nursery update over on stories. Stay tuned! Also, if you have any questions at all or just want to talk mama to mama I am here for you and would love to chat! I have loved all of the girls I have connected with during this experience whether it be from symptoms, to maternity clothes, to nursery decor, to just being in the same stages of life! Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I love meeting new people and it’s nice to know you’re not in this journey alone!

Know someone who travels a lot in your life? Here are my top picks for them!

  1. Silk Pillowcase: First of all, everyone loves sleeping on them because they give you that “cool” feeling when you hit the pillow, AND they are good for your hair and skin! I love bringing my own pillowcase when I go places just so I know what i’m sleeping on!
  2. Foldable Hangers: I saw these and thought they were so cute! I know most places will give you hangers for your clothes, but again if you’re sanitary these are for you! Who knows the last time they washed those hangers!
  3. Cocktail Kit: If you are like me and you get nervous for flying this cocktail kit is for you! I usually have to get extra tequila in my margarita before I board a plane!
  4. Memory Foam Neck Pillow: I like this set because it comes with ear plugs and a face mask to sleep. Tom and I love ours!
  5. Bluetooth Speaker: These are so important everywhere you go because I feel like everyone always loves to have a good speaker with some loud music.
  6. Bendable Neck Pillow: This one I thought was nice because you can shape it any which way you would like if you don’t just want to wear it around your neck.
  7. Handheld Steamer: Handy and easy to fit in a carry on. There is nothing more gross than hotel irons and ironing boards! I remember one time Tom and I were in a nicer hotel and he pulled out the ironing board and someones panties fell out of it – so gross!
  8. Luggage Protector: If you have expensive suitcases these are good for you – you don’t have to worry about scuff marks, rips, or scratches!
  9. Packing Organizers: I love that you can customize these and they make packing so much easier! These are on my list of things that I want to get for my next trip!
  10. Makeup Bag: I’ve heard so many good reviews on this to pack your “go to” make up for your trip! It has different compartments to keep things separate, but still organized.
  11. Portable Charger: The last thing you want to worry about when traveling is something dying. This portable charger Tom has and uses all the time! Works for anything (airpods, phone, apple watch, etc.)
  12. Color Travel Organizers: These are a fun alternative to the ones above that come in many different colors!

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 8.27.16 AM

Christmas time is almost here, and I have the last minute shopping ideas if you’re searching for a gift for a certain male in your life! Some of these are Tom recommended because he already has them, and some are on his “want” list. 🙂

  1. Golfing Net – If you know a man who golfs this is perfect for practice in the yard to get their swing down!
  2. North Face Puffer Jacket – Tom got this for his trip to Colorado in February. It’s on sale and keeps you very warm! North Face used to be all the rage – not really anymore, but still a good quality brand!
  3. Chipping Targets – Again, if he is a golfer these are good for practice when he doesn’t want to go out to get it.
  4.  Bose Bluetooth Speaker – Because who doesn’t need a nice speaker?
  5. Maui Jim Sunglasses – I got these for Tom for our first year anniversary present – completely forgot you are supposed to get certain gifts depending on the year milestone, but he loves them and wears them allllll the time! An investment, but well worth it!
  6. Airpods Pro – Tom is very much all about the newest technology and phones, so I got these for him for Christmas and you can get free engraving. He will love them!
  7. Back Massager – We do a gender white elephant useful present exchange with my family, so I had Tom order this as his white elephant gift. I thought it was nice, and it has great reviews! He got the $50 version, but here is a link to a cheaper one too!
  8. Mavi Jeans – Great jeans if your man needs a good quality pair!
  9. Cigar Cutter – Whenever his dad is in town they like to smoke a cigar together, so here is a nice cigar cutter.
  10. Whiskey Set – Perfect for the at home office, if he likes to feel fancy!
  11. Delsey Luggage Set – This has been a game changer for him, and he loves that all 4 wheels are functional – makes traveling super easy and the hard case is nice – it fits a lot (even some of my stuff!).
  12. Silicone Rings – Good for the gym, I know some guys wear these all the time instead of their actual rings. They are very “in” right now!

My second gift guide is for the cozy girl, because lately I have been loving ALL things cozy and these are some of my amazon prime favorites!

  1. Slip on slippers – I have these in the Ugg dupe version and then I saw these are thought they were such a cute variation and different from what majority of bloggers are posting! I love the knit detail with the button. Slides are my go to for winter time because my feet get so cold when they aren’t on carpet!
  2. Silk Pillowcases – These are a game changer. Ever since I was gifted one from Myk Silk, Tom has loved them too. Not to mention they are good for your hair! If you are someone who loves to “always have a cold side of the pillow to sleep on” this is for you.
  3. Weighted Blanket – This is on my wish list ever since I saw Jojo talk about it. I’m nervous to get a weighted blanket because I hate feeling “trapped” aka my feet always have to be out of the blanket, but people talk wonders about weighted blankets so I do want to give it a try!
  4. Fuzzy Slippers – I have the target version of these and I slide these on the second I wake up. They are SO soft and a good alternative if your feet get super warm and sweat! These are slippers that I can wear year round and they are cute too!
  5. Barefoot Dreams Blanket – I picked mine up last anniversary sale and it’s true what everyone says. Expensive – but SOOO worth the splurge! I sleep with mine every single night, it is honestly like sleeping on a cloud (whatever that feels like) and it washes super well!
  6. Sherpa Jacket – This amazon version is super cute and a good price too! It pairs well with so many outfits and I love to throw it on with scarves. Plus, who can beat having it be amazon prime?!
  7. Winter Boots – I have a pair of Uggs that I like to wear in the winter time, but when the snow gets super high, dirty, or salty – I like to wear a cheaper alternative so that it gives my Uggs more of a shelf life. These are perfect for a throw on and go, at a great price point!
  8. Pajama Set – Who can have too many pajama sets?! I love to wear white in the winter time too because it makes me feel more than lol! And everyone loves a new pair of pajamas!
  9. Heated Mattress Pad –  I used to have a heated blanket that I loved, but I thought this was a cool idea to have a heated mattress pad, almost like a butt warmer in your car except this is on your bed! Perfect for you to be able to turn the heat down at night and stay warm – especially if you have your barefoot dreams blanket! 🙂

GG Template

So my first gift guide of the season is going to be on white elephant presents because I have my friends annual white elephant party coming up next weekend! Early, I know – but as you get older schedules get more conflicting so i’m happy we found a weekend that works for all of us to get together! AND it helps put some fire under our butts to do some earlier shopping, right?! I scavenged for some white elephant presents and was actually laughing out loud seeing a few of these. I ordered some for my white elephant party, but others are great too!

  1. Wine Socks – How could I not start with these? I feel like these are the socks that were posted all over the internet, but does anyone really own them?
  2. Spin-a-song – If you love holidays as much as me, this is for you! It sings while you rollout the toilet paper!
  3. Desk Phone Stand – I thought this was so handy to get your phone off your desk! I may be ordering one of these for myself!
  4. Wine Mug – Who doesn’t need an extra mug? And an extra one about wine?!
  5. Toilet Light – I thought this was pretty cool for the price! Also, perfect for night time so you can see where you’re going!
  6. Subtle Butt – This one had me cracking up just based on the picture! It makes me wonder if it really does work for people!
  7. Animal Socks – This is a goofy one – for white elephants that aren’t as practical. How hilarious would this be?!
  8. Bieber Brush – Tom LOVES Justin Bieber so I immediately thought of snagging one of these as a gag for his stocking. I’ve never heard of a singing toothbrush before! It also let’s you choose from two songs of his haha!
  9. Office Organizer – This is for the funny coworker with a cubicle! It holds a bunch of your supplies in a silly way!
  10. Desktop Ping Pong – This is a good guy present or co-ed white elephant present and pretty useful! I could definitely see Tom using this at work during his lunch break or after hours.
  11. Parking Cards – For the hostile friend 😉 Some are a little vulgar and you may not want to use them during the holidays! Lol!
  12. Gag Box – This box had me cracking up! You could get a real gift and put it inside of this box. Can you imagine someones face opening this and seeing this puzzle?! Only to find out their real present is inside. My brother did this to Tom one of his first years in the family with a “household chores” box and Tom thought it really was household chores and just politely thanked him. It wasn’t until he was told to look inside that he realized his real present was in there! LOL!