Sweater is here(on sale if you order through Macy’s), jeans here, booties here (on sale!), sunglasses here.
This sweater might be the comfiest thing ever! It does fit pretty true to size. I am wearing a size small here because it said to size down, but I almost wish I sized up so it could run a little longer (tall girl problems!) I love the flowiness of this! It’s like being wrapped in a soft blanket. Macy’s is having a huge sale this weekend so this sweater is 20% off if you purchase it from there! I paired it with these bright blue paint splattered AG jeans that I got from the Nordstrom sale and I love. They are so flattering. It’s also officially bootie weather, so I paired this whole outfit together with these easy slip on booties. They are so versatile, you can wear them year round. I could just imagine wearing a little sundress with these to a country concert – is it bad i’m already thinking ahead to next summer?! 😉 Shop my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
How has your week gone?! I know i’ve been a little MIA – we had parent teacher conferences this week and I have been getting over a cold. Has anyone gotten spouts of vertigo after getting over a cold? I was on my way home from work Monday and I got it while I was driving home so I had to pull over. I stopped at Jewel a little later and got it while I was at Jewel too. I’ve gotten it a few times since then, and it just drowns out all the sound around me and I feel super dizzy – no nausea though. It is the weirdest thing! As you can imagine, I have been on WebMD researching and diagnosing myself (LOL). Any who, parent teacher conferences are over, and I had today off. I went and got my oil changed on my car (finally!). I recently downloaded the app Wunderlist which has made me feel so much more accomplished getting things done little by little on these long days and weeks.
What are your plans this weekend? Tom and I are going to the outlet mall by us to do some shopping tomorrow, and Sunday my friend Kim and I are going downtown to watch two of our best friends run the Chicago Marathon. It should be a fun filled weekend! Other than that, lots of relaxing and spending time with Tom – he was gone on business earlier this week so we have a few days to catch up on 😉 call me clingy! I hope you guys have a fabulous Columbus Day weekend!!

 Top is here, jeans here, sunglasses here, sandals here.
I got this sweater this past weekend when Macy’s had their 30% off sale and i’m so excited that I found it for even cheaper at Nordstrom Rack for you guys! It is so so cute paired with jeans or even white jeans for fall. It is so soft and has a cooler feel to it, like the underside of your pillow. At the same time it keeps you warm. Since it is more of a high cut sweater in the front, I paired it with high waisted jeans. These jeans are seriously the best! I wear them all the time because they suck you in and have such a cute detail at the ankle. You can shop my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
I wore this look yesterday before our friends wedding to get some stuff done. Afterwards, we had my sisters best friends wedding which was a lot of fun. Their venue was in Naperville which is awesome because it’s right where we live. Their venue was so pretty with all windows along the side looking over a cute little lake. It was good to have a night celebrating with my family being there and getting to see them. Tom leaves for Arizona for business today, so this morning we have been running last minute errands and getting him packed up and ready to go. We stopped and got Potbelly for lunch (YUM!). He’s not even gone yet and I already can’t wait until Wednesday when he gets back! Anyone else super clingy to their man?!? 😉

 Top is here, long sleeve version here, shorts here, sandals here.

I wore this look out to lunch over the weekend and I love the forgiveness of this top. It is very lightweight, so I managed to not sweat too much in this 90 degree heat. It is finally starting to cool down a little more here so we are getting our fall weather that I am so in love with. I can’t wait to pair this top with jeans! I got this and a few other things from goodnight macaroon, which is a store that i’m a little iffy about. They have some great items, but their sizing is weird sometimes. This top is very true to size, and I love the pleats!

The point of the lunch was to go over wedding planning (my mom thinks I’m procrastinating – and I definitely am!). Anyone else so busy that they just can’t ever seem to get anything done ?! Lol not that that’s an excuse, but it’s something right?! Each week I just take a day at a time so I don’t have to get so stressed or anxious. Tom and I went to target the other day and I got some bath bombs and he bought me a heating pad so I can try to relax sometimes when I get home.
On a brighter note… fall days are here!!! It finally cooled down by us and I can’t get enough of it! How is the weather by y’all?!?:)

 Top is here, skirt here, shoes here (on sale!), purse here, sunglasses here.
Fall is officially here and I am so excited! The leaves are changing colors which is my favorite. Tom and I wanted to get our engagement photos done when the leaves changed colors and considering it’s happening now and we don’t even have a photographer is a little scary. If anyone has any good suggestions please let me know.
I wore this outfit the other day because it is still in the 90s here! Unbelievable.. yet yesterday was the first day of fall. We had outdoor ed for our sixth graders the past two days and boy was it a sweaty one – but we made it through! And I’m even more excited that today has come because we finally got new couches! I remember when Tom and I were first moving in together (4 years ago?) and he told me he got us some couches from his neighbor and that they were 5 years old and barely used. I found out now that they were really 20 years old! When he first sent me the picture of them, boy was I not happy. My mom remembers and still laughs about the look on my face when I saw them; so anywho, it’s good we got new!
Today we are meeting up with my parents for lunch to discuss wedding stuff. The next two things on our list are dj and photographer. It’s so hard to find photographers I like that are in the Chicago area so if anyone had any recommendations please let me know. I like candid but also photojournalistic pictures. I also like when they pay attention to little details of the wedding day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

 Top is here (ON SALE!), jeans here, shoes here, sunglasses here, necklace here
Who says you can’t wear white after labor day?!? Especially when you have cute tops like this to style it with! I love this top and the boyfriend look to it. It is so feminine and flowy at the same time, which makes it very forgiving! I paired it with my white denim, but it also looks good with certain shades of jeans too. I can’t wait to wear this top into fall. I am wearing a size small, which is surprising because my shoulders are so wide I usually have to size up to mediums in tops like this, but the straps are adjustable which makes it better.
It started to get cooler here, but lately it has been almost 90 degrees! For school we are taking the kids to camp the next two days, and it is supposed to be 90. HOT HOT HOT. If you know me, you know i’m not much of a nature person – I love running outside and hiking, I just don’t do well with shrubbery and insects, so camping (although so fun) is a worry of mine each year. I’m praying the mosquitos won’t be too bad since I run an activity that is in the woods.
This weekend is an exciting weekend because Tom and I finally get our new couches! They are being delivered Saturday (they were backordered for a month in the configuration we wanted). When Tom first told me he was bringing home the leather couches we had now, I was not too appeased – so 4 years later I am happy we are finally getting new! I am trying to find a tray to put on the ottoman so that we can put coasters with our water cups while lounging and watching TV, but I have had no luck so far. Our couches are a darker shade of gray, so i’m thinking a wooden one, but i’m having severe FOBO every time I find one that I think I like. Anyone have any good suggestions of places to go for trays?!?