Sweater is here, jeans here, mules here.
Tom and I had such a busy weekend we barely got in this photo shoot for this outfit before the sun set. Tom’s aunt and cousin were over and we didn’t want to rush them out because it was so nice to catch up and see them! I paired this top with these jeans because it has been a sweater that i’ve been wanting to wear ever since I bought it! I paired it with these leopard mules since my outfit is more on the plain colored side, so I always love to spruce it up with patterned shoes! This color is perfect for fall; anything golden or orange looks so great with jeans! You can shop my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
Tonight is an exciting night! We are going to meet our photographer and sign a contract for her!! Another thing down – feels so good to check these major things off the list. We are meeting her at Starbucks which is perfect because it has gotten so cold out — 42 degrees! So crazy; and with the time change it feels like night time at 4.. anyone else with me?!?

 Similar top is here, jeans here, shoes here
This top is to die for! I love the simplicity of the front with the detail on the back. I paired it with some distressed jeans to spunk up the softness of the outfit, and some sneaks so that I could walk around – although when we took these pictures it was pouring rain so I mostly did running to and from the car ;). Topshop has some of the best staple pieces for your wardrobe. I got these shoes at Famous Footwear when they had one of their deals and I seriously swear by them. SO comfortable and SOO cute! They also wash well in the washer if you get them dirty. I have gotten so much use out of them because they are such a neutral color they pair with so much. Shop my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
Happy Friday! Are you guys excited for the time change, if you have it in your state?! It will be nice to get an extra hour of stuff squeezed into this weekend! Tomorrow i’m going to watch my friends 8 mile race, and then Tom and I have an appointment to try on different tuxedos – so many choices! I’m very indecisive, other than I LOVE brown dress shoes, so we shall see what Tom picks out! Now is his time to take the reigns ;). We ordered our save the dates and they came so quickly!! Shutterfly got them to us in 3 days – and I love them! You normally aren’t supposed to send save the dates until 6-7 months out, but these puppies may need to go out earlier so I can get them out of our place! Haha
On another note, Sunday I have some friends coming over for football Sunday, AND (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)……. Shameless is back on!! Anyone else obsessed with that show?! Tom and I discovered it last summer and binge watched all of the seasons on demand. I cannot WAIT for it to come back on! What are some of your guys favorite shows?!

Top is here, jeans here, shoes here
I put this outfit on and it screamed halloween with my boots I just had to post it around this time! I purchased this top from Nordstrom a few months ago and I can’t believe I haven’t worn it yet! I linked a similar one above for you guys and another similar one is here. I love all of the fall styles out lately that have the bows on the elbows or sleeves – it’s so girly and cute! The sleeves are nice and long so it gives you all of the cozy feels needed for this fall! You can shop my outfit by using the link above or the widget below!
Happy Halloween! I hope you guys are having a great day so far! I can’t wait to get home and watch Stranger Things 2 all night and get in the spooky mood with some hot chocolate! I’m going to stop at Jewel on my way home to get some candy to eat since we don’t get trick or treaters in our apartment complex.  We may even carve our pumpkin we have been procrastinating on and cook some pumpkin seeds. What are you guys up to?!
Some good news updates – we have found a photographer for our wedding!! Finally after our long extensive search, AND we ordered our save the dates yesterday. Things are slowly coming together!!:)

 Top is here, jeans here, shoes here, sunglasses here
I am obsessed with this look and color for fall! Any off the shoulder sweaters – sign me up! They are so easy to pair with things, and make for that cozy, cuddly feeling of being able to wrap yourself up – it’s like a blanket! I paired it with jeans and booties for a more dressy look, or you can wear it with leggings to lounge around in and watch TV – so versatile! I linked other ones i’m obsessed with here, here, and here, and of course down in the widget below!
Happy Saturday! So much for me sleeping in today; Tom woke me up to get his car taken in because “he hears it making a noise again”. I swear, he makes these things up in his head! Haha! He also woke me up lastnight at 2am because he was trying to order the new iPhone. This man is a night owl! But I guess it’s a good thing because I was able to research some more wedding photographers. Horror story to follow – I got home from our Halloween party at school last night to an e-mail that the wedding photographer we have been trying to contact for two weeks with no response (since she said she was available for our date), had booked another wedding on our date. I came in the door fuming because I was in such disbelief someone would not respond to a client and then book someone else, only to contact me after saying she’s now booked on our date?!?!? What a horrible person! I guess I shouldn’t rant too much; everything happens for a reason, right? Tom keeps telling me we wouldn’t want someone like that running one of the most important parts of our wedding anyway. So, now i’m hunting for another one, and if you have been following along with me you know this has been a long extensive search! Wish me the best lol!
As of now, we are about to take Wrigley into the vet to get her checked out for asthma since she has been having weird breathing patterns (our poor baby!!), and then Tom and I have my sisters 11th annual Halloween party tonight! I’m so looking forward to it! They deck out their entire house in decorations and their basement is literally like a haunted house. Tom and I chose costumes this year that require a lot of face paint – which didn’t workout too well when we were vampires last year, so wish us the best tonight! ; )
Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?!?!? Make it a fun last one before November comes!:)


 Top is here, jeans here, booties here, sunglasses here
I love the rust colored tops in the fall with a dark pair of jeans and brown booties – it is so chic! Especially if their bell sleeves – sign me up! I absolutely adore anything boho most of all. I got this jeans when they were on sale in this dark color and the lighter color and they fit so well, but definitely size up one size! I feel like I need to lose weight in my knee caps or stretch them out ;). I’ve linked a few other bell sleeve tops i’m obsessed with here, here, and here. You can shop my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
How has your week been going?! The soccer season is over for me which means I can finally keep kids after school for help and spend more time on le blog! Lucky for you guys!! 😉 We have made it halfway through the week! Tom and I have schedule a vet appointment for our kitty because she’s been having some hacking fits – we are nervous and think it may be asthma – so we are going to get her checked out Saturday morning. Anyone have any advice or had this happen to them?! Hopefully she is okay! We have been toying with the idea for a while of whether or not to get pet insurance, but thought we may hold off until we get a dog down the road?! Anyone have any opinions on it?
On a happier note, it’s the last weekend before Halloween! We have been watching 13 nights of Halloween – have you?! Hocus Pocus was on lastnight, which is one of Tom’s favorites from his childhood. I told him he’s a dork! We still haven’t carved our pumpkin yet, but I am definitely looking forward to making pumpkin seeds! We have my sisters Halloween Party this Saturday that some of my friends are coming to so I am super excited! What are you guys up to?!?

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