Similar sweater here, here, here, jeans here, boots here (50% off!!), sunglasses here

Hey guys! This post was from earlier when there wasn’t any snow on the ground or subzero temperatures, or really negative at that lol, BUT I had to share this outfit with you in honor of it warming up to the 40s this week (as long as weather channel doesn’t change it on us!) I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing sweaters with OTK books because the sweaters are big and bulky, but the boots do wonders on your legs. These boots are currently 50% off in select sizes, which rarely happens — so snag them if you haven’t already!

This exact sweater is from Shop Tobi last year, but I linked a few similar ones with fringe. I’m all about the details of things, whether they be small or bigger, it just adds a little extra spice to your outfit to spruce it up! I have actually started to thin out my sweaters this season since they are on the bulky side I feel like my closet is overflowing! I sell a lot of my clothing items on my closet shop page, so if you’re ever interested or have to have one of my outfits, I usually post them there shortly after I get pictures in them, or just clothes that I don’t think i’ll ever wear again. We always keep things in our closet “just in case”, but would always rather wear something else, right?! I keep trying to tell myself that.. ūüôā


Poncho here, top here, leggings here, boots here (on sale for $65!!), hat here, gloves here.

Boy has it been chilly here! It makes me want nothing to do with outside and if I do go outside, I have to wrap myself up in a poncho or a scarf like a blanket to stay warm! BRRR! I’m so happy that I found this poncho from last year for you guys! It’s so easy to pair with all black underneath – my go to! I wore these boots because they are so sext and flattering and can dress up any outfit. I wore them out to dinner with Tom and he absolutely loved them! And they are on sale for such a great price – 40% off!

This has been my first day alone on winter break and i’m pretty proud of what i’ve accomplished. I cleaned out and organized our pantry, made a crock pot meal, saw my friend Kim, went to Nordstrom together, dropped off my brother-in-laws last Christmas present (darn shipping) and am now home working on this blog post for you guys! Tomorrow I am meeting up some of my coworkers for lunch (so hard to go from seeing them every day to not at all for two weeks, am I right?!) and then I have a dentist appointment. If you know me, you know that I absolutely DREAD the dentist. I just hate when they pick and poke around and make your gums sore. Even though I know nothing will happen besides them making sure I have no plaque, but it’s still nervous knowing my teeth are possibly being judged. Anyone else nervous for the dentist? I probably won’t sleep much tonight knowing i’m going there – not sure why I made an afternoon appointment, but enough about that. Do you guys have any fun plans for the rest of the year? So sad knowing 2017 is almost over!


Cardigan is here, top here ,and here, jeans here (on sale!!), shoes here, necklace here, sunglasses here.

I got this cardigan during the Express 50% off sale which makes it under $30! What a steal! It is so comfortable, and I have been needing a white (not ivory) cardigan because I have so many outfits I plan to wear it with. I love how versatile it can be, and how easily dressed up or down you can make it. I paired it with these Kate Spade shoes for more of a cute/casual look. This tank is one of my favorites from the Nordstrom sale, but I have linked a very similar one above where you can still get the look.

I also ordered these jeans a while back and I LOVE them. I ordered them in the lighter blue, and this dark indigo. I am so happy I did. What is strange is that I got them in the same size, and the lighter wash fits perfect, but these are a wee bit tight! I’ve been working on stretching them out haha!

So, how are you guys?! I feel like I haven’t been on here to blog about an outfit in a while! Since getting accepted into Reward Style is makes it so easy for you to shop my outfits straight from Instagram, but I have been thinking of doing an Instagram roundup on here for some of you guys who wants to see the outfits all together.

I am now on winter break from school so i’m so excited to have more time to do things! I have already booked up my to-do list. I am going to clean out our pantry (looking at expiration dates of all random ingredients to cook with that we barely use), clean out our guest bedroom (it has turned into a second closet for me), address our save the dates for our wedding, buckle down and book a videographer, along with the many other things such as seeing family and friends, dentist appointment, and giving myself time to actually relax so that when I go back to school i’m not so crazy! I’m hoping to get most of this stuff done my first week so the second week can be to relax

We are meeting up with a possible minister/reverend today to marry us, so i’m hoping that goes well. He seems so nice and is a teacher too, so we are both excited! I should probably shower and get ready as i’m typing this, but I wanted you guys to be able to see this cute outfit first!:)

Comment below on any fun winter plans you’re doing these next few weeks – i’d love to hear about it! ūüôā


Hey guys, guess what?! It’s my birthday! I love seeing how much i’ve changed each year, and if i’ve accomplished anything different or towards my goals in life. Today I turned 28 years old, so I figured I would do a “28 things about me” to help some of you following me a chance to get to know me!

  1. I am getting married July 28, and am SO SO excited about it!
  2. I teach 6th grade (it is junior high where I am at) challenging but rewarding!
  3. I volunteer a lot of my time after school coaching soccer and running intramural basketball for the kids, so I keep a busy schedule.
  4. My fiance and I have a cat named Wrigley that we rescued 3 years ago and are absolutely obsessed with! Her Puss in boot eyes are to die for! We were going to get a dog but decided against it because we live in an apartment on the 3rd floor with no place to run around and we both work 12 hour days.
  5. I love playing fantasy football – I started a “girlfriends” league so that we can stay occupied while the boys watch it, but it has definitely turned into more than just a girlfriends league!
  6. I am terrified of flying in airplanes – it’s just something about the take off and the landing. I always get super anxious with tons of knots in my stomach.
  7. I used to hate getting pedicures because I am so ticklish, but now I find it so relaxing.
  8. I always read my text messages, but am one of those people that about half of the time ALWAYS forgets to respond. (If you care to read my excuse – I teach, so i’m rarely on my phone during the day, so any chance I get I always read them in case something is super pressing, and if it’s not URGENT I wait to respond until later but then really forget to).
  9. I moved out 4 years ago, and Tom and I lived in downtown Chicago – that got old REAL quick, and then moved out to the suburbs two years ago (more bang for your buck!) and have been here ever since.
  10. I have to write things down on a notepad otherwise I am very forgetful (the Wunderlist app has saved my life)
  11. I prefer low key restaurants over fancy dining – Olive Garden and Chili’s are my go to!
  12. Tom and I get Chipotle every single Sunday.. it wouldn’t be Sunday if we didn’t!
  13. I am definitely an online shopper, it is just so convenient! Nordstrom is one of my favorite places, but followed close behind are Goodnight Macaroon, Chicwish, Ooh La Luxe, Macy’s, and some boutiques.
  14. I want to move to Colorado – Tom and I made it our goal to move by 2020 to either Texas or Colorado, but I am pushing Colorado because I love the outdoorsy life, and I need snow in my life still! We will see if this goal happens?!? My entire family lives in Illinois so i’m weary to move away from them.
  15. Although i’m 5’7 and that is tall to me and most others, I am actually the shortest in my family by 4 inches!
  16. I am also the only person in my family who has green eyes – I get them from my Grandpa on my dads’ side.
  17. My fiance is half Mexican – he accentuates my LOVE for Mexican food.
  18. I have had a ton of jobs in my life time – my family calls me a serial worker, but I have finally found the job i’m going to stick with. I started working at Dairy Queen when I was 16, then to Panera, Bed Bath & Beyond, a library, working with kids with special needs, English department at my University, Victoria’s Secret, temp at my moms office, teaching assistant in 1st grade, and now a 6th grade teacher!
  19. My favorite movie is Tarzan – I love Phil Collins and I love the story line! My dad got it for me on DVD when it came out because I love it so much!
  20. I am a huge homebody – there is nothing I love more than hanging out casually and enjoying time together with friends or family.
  21. I’m very loyal and trustworthy, and love hard – but I don’t express my emotions very often.
  22. I’m a huge carb lover – give me all the pasta and potatoes and i’ll be one happy woman!
  23. I go in and out of working out. I absolutely love to run outside – it gives me so much energy and happiness, but when I run on treadmills I get shin splints so it makes it hard during the winter months.
  24. I am very blunt with everyone I know. It can sometimes be a bad thing, but I always say things how they are.
  25. I love to listen almost as much as I talk. Whenever I have conversations with people I always think in my own head how often i’ve talked, if I have interrupted them, and I focus on really listening.
  26. I can’t wait to be a mom! Tom wants to wait a little while after we are married, but I want them like, yesterday. We have to wait until we are financially stable obviously, but i’m literally waiting for the day to come that we have kids together!
  27. I am obsessed with guacamole .. literally obsessed.
  28. Anyone who is close to me calls me “Meg”. I feel like i’m getting yelled at when anyone close to me uses my full name.

Hopefully those were somewhat entertaining to you! Thank you all so much for following along with me, and please comment something about yourself or something that we have in common so I can learn about you too!:)

Okay guys, so this is my first post about a product so bare with me Рbecause it is well worth it, AND I have a coupon code for you at the end as well as a giveaway (it is in different colored font if you want to scroll down)! I was so excited when Jessie reached out to me about trying this teeth whitening product. I was a little nervous at first because I had used Crest whitening strips in the past and they had made my teeth feel so sensitive (and they already are super sensitive!). Surprisingly, she addressed this right away and asked me a ton of questions to gauge my comfortability level for it and if it was a right fit for me. She was also very available for fielding any questions or concerns during the process, and she would even check in to see how it was going and reminders and tips for if I experienced tooth sensitivity Рshe was wonderful!!

I agreed to it, and am so happy I did. They sent me a package at first which had me create molds of my teeth so that they could create custom trays for me. I had my fiance Tom help with this because I was anxious I would mess it up Рbut it was very easy! He laughed when we first did it because it was that simple! I sent my custom molds in and they e-mailed me to confirm receiving them, and again when they were shipping mine out which was so nice to know where the process is at for those wondering minds.

I received my¬†whitening trays¬†in the mail and I started using them immediately. They recommend using the¬†whitening gel¬†for 45minutes-3hours. I used them closer to the 45 minute marker because I was nervous about getting too sensitive. I also don’t have a lot of time at night to have them sitting in my mouth (Tom and I both do 12 hour days, so by the time we get home and eat, we only have about an hour before we fall asleep – so leaving them in for 3 hours was not even a possibility). Having them in is very comfortable in trays because you can still talk and function without having to worry about a strip getting all caught up in your gums! After the whitening gel, you rinse and dry your trays, brush your teeth to get all the gunk off, and then my favorite part – the¬†desensitizing gel!! You leave this on for 15-20 minutes, but I wish it were longer because it does taste good (no, I was not eating it!).

They give you 4 syringes of each, and each syringe lasts about 4 times depending how big your mouth is so how much you have to use. That’s 16 times! I started using it about once every 2 or 3 days, just so I could see results versus doing it gradually over a long period of time. I again, was nervous of sensitivity so I didn’t want to do too much too fast.

If you have been wanting to whiten your teeth, this product is an absolute must have! I plan on doing it again to whiten my teeth before my wedding in July! Tom said he noticed a different after the first week! And boy does that make you feel good to have people compliment your teeth. (I brush and floss twice a day, so it’s not like my teeth were even gross or yellow, either!).¬†Below I have inserted some before and after pics so you can see the difference. The ones with flash you can see more accurately (I guess the warm LED lights don’t do my teeth justice!) No judging!!!


^^ Here is the little case I kept my whitening trays in ^^

Before Without Flash:

After Without Flash:

Before With Flash:

After With Flash:

It may not seem like a huge difference to some people, but it is! I took pictures with and without flash so that you could see it with better lighting.

What’s the best part about this article?! I have a coupon code for whoever wants to try it!! My coupon code for $15 off is:¬†mwatterlohn15 ¬†

I also have a giveaway! The giveaway runs for the next two weeks and is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents. All you have to do is enter through this link for it to be counted!

Here are some more pictures from my experience…


^^ Here are the whitening and desensitizing syringes ^^


^^ And here I am wearing the trays – you can’t even notice unless you look! ^^

How to Whiten Your Teeth