Tie sleeve sweater here, similar here, jeans here, shoes here, necklace here, sunglasses here.

Express has been killing it lately with their sweater options, and I know I rant and rave about them all the time, but how could I not?! They have the best sales, also! I wore this when it was warmer out (not Chiberia:)), and it paired nicely with these levi jeans. These are also my go to jeans as i’m sure you guys have seen me in them dozens of time! They are probably my most favorite out of all my light wash pairs. They don’t stretch out after you wear them so they don’t get saggy which is hard to find. A must have!

We almost made it to February and I cannot WAIT for warmer weather. Who thought I would ever say that?! Not me!! I think it’s the blogger in me wanting to be outside for more than 2 minutes snapping pictures real quick just so I can get back into warmth haha! There are also a lot of things coming up this summer that I am excited for! School for us gets out June 1st which is so early, but i’m not complaining! That gives us all of June, and all of July before we go back early August.

I know there has been a lot going around about bloggers putting up fake fronts because you only see the best on Instagram or someones blog, because who wants to really show their worst? So i’m going to let you in on a little something to show you my life is not perfect, even thought i’m sure everyone already knows that. If you saw my Instagram post from Monday, you know that I had an emotional day, and it has really been an emotional week (yes, I know it’s only Wednesday). Some tensions have been rising with family, and I found out some horrible news about two of my coworkers. I’m not going to get into detail because i’m not going to put too much information on blast here, but just know that it’s enough to push me over the edge after piling and piling up – and i’m not that easy to push over. So on Monday after school I went over to my parents and just vented and cried to them for a good while. I am the type of person who bottles up their emotions and then just explodes… and it happened, KABOOM!

The good that came out of that is that it made my relationships stronger with my parents (even thought that’s hard to top!), and a few of my friends texted me to see what was going on, which shows who really cares about me to make sure everything was alright off of one Instagram caption. My one friend Krista even texted my fiance to give me a hug and be nice to me that night (how sweet is she?!?!?!). It’s things like that to make my heart explode with happiness in dark times and upset days like the one I was having.

I’m also the type of person who has thin skin, and the smallest things people say could bother me. An example was one time I posted a picture of myself (and this was not too long ago) wearing a FAUX fur vest. I didn’t put the word FAUX in my caption because it wasn’t making my play on words work (which comes from my sarcastic personality). This girl commented on it saying she can’t support people who wear fur and kill animals and started hash tagging to stop animal cruelty and all of these things. I got so flustered and in a tizzy, and I wasn’t even wearing real fur!! I was so nervous everyone would think I was an animal killer and unfollow me, or no longer support me, and that my blogging life would be dampened. BUT, my lesson learned from that is that I apparently have to be more careful with my words because you can never know who will take them out of context. That, and I need to grow thicker skin.

Well, sorry for the long post, but I love going into detail and explaining everything so you can know a little more about me instead of me just always giving out outfit details. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!

Ruffle top is here(few colors still available), distressed denim here, wedges here (on sale for under $40!), necklace here


We have had a heat wave here, believe it or not, so I took this opportunity to shoot a Valentine’s Day look! I am a huge fan of valentines day (and the entire month at that) because it gives me the opportunity to wear red when I normally wouldn’t. I actually ordered this sweatshirt to wear for that day because it is SO cute!

Last month for the month of February I put a heart on our bedroom door each day with reasons why I love Tom, and he enjoyed it so much – at the end of the month he had 28 different things I loved about him. It was different for me since i’m not one to verbally express my emotions – so it was perfect! Come March, I took all of the hearts and put them in clear plastic sleeves and made a little book for him – cheesy, but he likes it! I’m trying to top it this year and do something a little different, so since we are getting married I may be doing a spin on it. I was thinking something like “Things I look forward to with you in our marriage” since we are getting married this year. Do you guys have any good ideas for it?! I’ve rummaged through Pinterest and found a few cute ideas.

I was never really one to use Pinterest much, but have gone on there a lot recently. My new years resolution was to start eating healthier, but that hasn’t happened yet. How silly is it for everyone to just make a promise to themselves on one day and expect to follow it for the next 365 days? The more I think about it, any day could be a new you day. I decided that i’m going to ease into eating healthier, and hopefully it will become my lifestyle – but I can’t force myself to just do a 180.. (Tom and our 2 friends went with us last night and we pigged out on pizza and cheese fries) why would I want to give up those nights?!? So I will leave you with this link to a soup that i’m going to try this week – veggie overload, but veggies are good, and so is soup in the winter time! Have a great week loves!

Weight Loss Magic Soup

Sweater is here, jeans here, shoes here, purse here

Express has been killing it lately with their sweaters and sales! I have definitely been addicted, i’m not sure about you guys! I’ve linked some of my favorite sweaters out there right now here and here. I’ve been eyeing the second one and think I want to purchase it in the navy color, but haven’t yet because I sort of want black. Maybe i’ll just get both! Anywho, I haven’t been doing a lot of blog posts lately because it has been SO cold here! When I say cold, I mean barely ever getting about 20 degrees. BRRR!!!! So I pulled these pictures from a little while ago to show you guys my daily looks outside of school! I love pairing together a sweater with details with some basic jeans and booties. That has definitely been my go to the past month or two regardless where I am going. It can be a casual look, or a cute look to go out to dinner with some friends or date.

Tom and I have been gettingĀ  a lot of planning done with our wedding since I was off for break! We decided our ceremony time, got the outline of the script and are going through that, sorted through videographers and booked the one we wanted, looked into honeymoon locations – we are thinking Aruba?!?, and have gotten the hotel block nailed down. How exciting is it to get things checked off your bucket list?!? So much of this stuff has been stressing us out because we barely have any time together during the week with our work schedules and his workout schedule, so it really only leaves weekends – if we don’t have anything planned. Now onto picking out flowers, cake, food, etc. ; )

Last weekend I went with my sister to watch her get her eyebrows microbladed/shaded in and they looked SO SO good! I was thinking about doing it to mine, but am a baby when it comes to pain. What do you guys think?!?! It would be so nice to wake up with eyebrows!!! I barely grow any hair there, so I always have to pencil them in otherwise my face will look naked! Ha! Let me know your thoughts below if you know anyone who has gotten it done – I would love to hear about it!