Tate’s First Three Months

It seems like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant with you, and all of a sudden you are almost 4 months old! Here is a recap of your first three months.


Tatum says “YAYYY one month!”

The first month has definitely been a blur – from post-partum recovery, to sleep loss, to adjusting to life with an addition to our family, getting Wrigley to accept you, crazy hormones, a new post-partum body to get used to, the list goes on and on. Not to mention being born in the middle of a worldwide pandemic!

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Your first month was filled with lots of snuggles, baths, outfits, and trying to figure out why you were crying. You started holding your head up for tummy time on our chests at 2 weeks. We also did lots of quarantining, and our own in-home newborn photoshoots; and in the blink of an eye you were 1 month old. You also grew out of size newborn diapers.

The thing we used and are MUST-HAVES for us for month 1 were:

  1. Owlet Sock: This gives us so much ease during the night, and is fun to track your sleep patterns.
  2. Design Dua Moses Pod – We used this religiously. We also have a Snuggle Me and a Dock-a-Tot, but the Moses Pod was her favorite because it hugged her better. It’s also less bulky so we would have it on the couch with us so she could nap on it.
  3. Swaddle 1 and Swaddle 2: These two swaddles were our FAV for month 1 because she was such a little houdini she would wiggle her arms out of any velcro one.
  4. Angelcare bath: Love that the water goes through this and is easy to use for the bath. The one con is that it doesn’t suction to the tub so it can slide around.
  5. Milestone blocks: I have taken weekly pictures with these and it is so fun to see her grow!
  6. UppaBaby Stroller: A godsend, and I know it’s expensive but it is SO worth it with how much you will use it with your baby. So easy to travel, the car seat clicks right in, and it comes with a bassinet. Not to mention it expands for if you have a second child so you will get ALOT of use out of it!
  7. Halo Bassinet: We are lucky that my sister gave us hers to borrow. It has been such a peace of mind having Tatum in our room especially in these early nights where she has 2 hour sleep windows.
  8. 4 Moms Pack-n-Play: This has been handy because it looks so nice, clean, and modern in our living room, and it doubles for when my nephew comes over and needs to nap.
  9. Rohm Noise Machine: Tate sleeps next to it every night. We have the hatch in her nursery, and this is good for travel as well (in the stroller, car seat, etc.)
  10. Bjorn Bouncer: This has saved our life! She will sit in this alllllllll day! She loves being bounced, but sometimes when we first put her in she is content just sitting in it!
  11. Piano Gym: We started her on this very early, but she loves to stare at the lights and the toys dangling above her! She will get so much use out of this as she grows as well.
  12. Hatch Changing Station: You can use any diaper changing pad, but this is nice because at night it doesn’t freak her out since it doesn’t get cold, and it doubles in that it can weigh her! I also like that it comes with straps so you can buckle them in if you need to leave them for a minute while you pick out clothes or something.



Tatum says “So what guys, i’m 2 months now”

Month two has gone by just as fast as the first. It has been so exciting to watch you grow, I just want time to slow down! We have started to get on a somewhat “normal” schedule with you, and we can kind of figure out why you are crying now! 😉 You love being held, coddled, given attention to, and bounced. You love the up and down movement, NOT the side to side (goodbye 4moms momaroo swing!), and you love to suck on your hands!

Your second month was filled with meeting some of our close friends (not all because we are still quarantined) lots of outside time – you love fresh air, smiling in your sleep, kicking, and getting better at holding your head up! You did your first smile (on purpose!), and you said your first words (I believe they were I love you) and to make it even better you said them on Mother’s Day before we went to bed! You have grown out of size newborn clothing (onesies are the only thing that still fit you), and you are in size 1 diapers.

Our new MUST HAVE’S for month two have been:

  1. The Ollie swaddle: Now that you are somewhat used to having your arms down, this one has been a favorite. So easy to put on at night, the material is breathable, and it grows with you since it scrunches at the end.
  2. Boppy pillow: You have started to be able to hold your head up when we sit you up in it.
  3. Prop-a-pillar: Has made tummy time so much better for you!

And just like that I blinked and you were 3 months.


“I know i’m cuuute”

Month three is a little slower .. or am I just saying that because we are still in it (for another week and a half). You get more fun and understandable as you grow, but I also get sad when I think about how I miss and cherish the memories of the last 16 weeks, but I try to live in the moment as much as I can because I know there are so many more fun memories to make with you. I am SO lucky I have had this summer off to spend all of my time with you. I will go to Target and be roaming the baby aisles because I miss you. Boy will it be hard to go back to work in the fall!

In your third month you have had your first pool day (didn’t dig the cold water TOO much), You are definitely a pro at tummy time, and have started pushing your legs into the crawl position – although I know you are very far away from that. You also talk like crazy and we love it!

Our MUST HAVES for month 3 have been:

  1. Mobile: She LOVES to stare at this and definitely gets her to fall asleep when we play the music.
  2. Swing: She likes the motion and it’s nice that we can switch it to where she can see us better.
  3. Books: Now that she can see we love to read books and point things out to her.


I CANNOT believe that you are almost 4 months old! I will do a 4 month update with what you have been up to these last few weeks, my favorite are your giggles, but that is for another time. I love you Tate!


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