Which Swaddle Works?


I want to start off by saying that this may not be the same for your baby – but for us, we have tried out so many different swaddles because our baby girl is a Houdini! We’ve tried swaddling her with an arm out and she startles herself, tried swaddling with arms up but tucked in and she gets them out to put her arms over her head, and we’ve tried swaddling them down and she will wiggle around until she can get one of her arms free, then startles herself and cries. It has been a process! So I thought i’d share which swaddles we love and in which order in case any other mamas or mamas-to-be need help or are looking for a review! I started with our most favorite all the way down to our least favorite. 🙂

(Also, if you noticed the spit up to her left she did that RIGHT when I laid her down / of course, but I wanted to use this blanket sooooooo whoops! Lol!)


Nested Bean Swaddle

This is our favorite swaddle (obviously being at number 1). The light weighted area on the chest, and the two on the sides make your baby feel hugged and secure. This has worked WONDERS for her! We were a little weary because the velcro doesn’t really work for her, but once we flip up the part with the weights she doesn’t wiggle at all! We also have this in the sleep sack so it will be a perfect transition for her. I definitely suggest investing in these!


Embe Swaddle

This swaddle was the first one we discovered that she would sleep longer than an hour with because it zips her arms in snug, whereas the velcro ones she is strong enough to get loose. It has plenty of wiggle room in the hips so that she can move her legs, but is tight up top. We use this one when we are washing the Nested Bean one.


Straight Jacket Swaddle

We got these off of Amazon when we realized she liked the zipper ones more. We call them straight jacket ones because she can’t move and she loves it! Cheap and are a god send! They keep her feeling snug.


Love to Dream Swaddle

We love to use this one during the day for her naps. She can sleep with her arms up which she likes, and if she startles herself awake then we keep her entertained so that she will hopefully soon let us sleep through the night! This one she usually sleeps around 2-3 hours in which is perfect for nap time!


Ollie Swaddle

I was hesitant to list this one because it hasn’t worked for her, but I am hoping it will once she stops trying to wiggle her arms out. I am listing it because I love the moisture-wicking material – super breathable, and I love that the bottom of the swaddle ties so you can make it as long as you want it to be as your babe grows.


Velcro Swaddles

These are also good for naps, but they won’t last us during night time because she is able to get her arms free.

I have heard good things about the SwaddleMe swaddles, but don’t have any so I can’t say anything about them.


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