Stash + Story Baby Book


Today I wanted to talk to you guys about Tatum’s baby box book. I looked long and hard for a baby book that I wanted that is more “modern”. I came across this one from Stash + Story and it grabbed my attention right away because I love the hardcover box look to it. I also love that you can take pages out, put them in, and rearrange them if you want. I reached out to Stash + Story for a collaboration and am so lucky to partner with them. They mailed it out to me the next day since it was so close to baby girls due date and I was able to bring it to the hospital to do her footprints and handprints (her left hand went a little crazy) just in time!

I filled out other pages this past week, once everything calmed down a little around here, and I am so happy I will have these memories to look back on, and that Tatum will be able to look back on. It’s so easy to say “i’ll remember those details”, but you won’t! I barely did when I was writing them into her book!

The variety of pages are so much fun, I took a few pictures to show you guys what they are like, and they are VERY organized! They offer an option for a package of “firsts” such as First Easter, First Halloween, First Christmas, etc. that I will be able to fill out for her for each holiday and glue or tape in a picture of her on them. There are also pages for each year for her birthday, that has a drawing for her to color on each of her birthdays – which I also will love to see how her coloring evolves from year to year.

I know baby books can be a lot to keep up with, but this one is simplistic yet has everything you would want to record. I’m not sure if Tom and I are going to have more kids (he wants more already lol), but if we do – I am definitely going to get a Stash + Story book for each one of them! You can even choose the insert accent color – blush, navy, or gray. I went with gray for her (very tempted to do the blush), but I wanted more of the clean, modern look.

Here is the LINK to the baby book box that I have, and a LINK to the package of firsts pages. You need to go check them out if you have a young babe that needs a baby book, or are expecting! I can’t wait to have it be part of her bookshelf for years to come! 🙂


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