The Traveler

Know someone who travels a lot in your life? Here are my top picks for them!

  1. Silk Pillowcase: First of all, everyone loves sleeping on them because they give you that “cool” feeling when you hit the pillow, AND they are good for your hair and skin! I love bringing my own pillowcase when I go places just so I know what i’m sleeping on!
  2. Foldable Hangers: I saw these and thought they were so cute! I know most places will give you hangers for your clothes, but again if you’re sanitary these are for you! Who knows the last time they washed those hangers!
  3. Cocktail Kit: If you are like me and you get nervous for flying this cocktail kit is for you! I usually have to get extra tequila in my margarita before I board a plane!
  4. Memory Foam Neck Pillow: I like this set because it comes with ear plugs and a face mask to sleep. Tom and I love ours!
  5. Bluetooth Speaker: These are so important everywhere you go because I feel like everyone always loves to have a good speaker with some loud music.
  6. Bendable Neck Pillow: This one I thought was nice because you can shape it any which way you would like if you don’t just want to wear it around your neck.
  7. Handheld Steamer: Handy and easy to fit in a carry on. There is nothing more gross than hotel irons and ironing boards! I remember one time Tom and I were in a nicer hotel and he pulled out the ironing board and someones panties fell out of it – so gross!
  8. Luggage Protector: If you have expensive suitcases these are good for you – you don’t have to worry about scuff marks, rips, or scratches!
  9. Packing Organizers: I love that you can customize these and they make packing so much easier! These are on my list of things that I want to get for my next trip!
  10. Makeup Bag: I’ve heard so many good reviews on this to pack your “go to” make up for your trip! It has different compartments to keep things separate, but still organized.
  11. Portable Charger: The last thing you want to worry about when traveling is something dying. This portable charger Tom has and uses all the time! Works for anything (airpods, phone, apple watch, etc.)
  12. Color Travel Organizers: These are a fun alternative to the ones above that come in many different colors!

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