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Happy Monday! Summer is officially here and the timing couldn’t be better (although it is raining today). I started off summer with my sisters baby shower, my in-laws came into town and stayed with us, and then one of my friends weddings, and another friends bridal shower! Boy has it been a crazy two weeks, but so much fun! Do you all have plans? One of my focuses this summer is to keep our schedule open. We’re always so busy during the summer season, that we’re planning to take the days slow and live more in the moment. I was just talking to my mom on the phone yesterday about how Tom and I have something every weekend until August, and we want to be able to enjoy our pool! It’s so crazy – but we are so thankful that we have friends to make these plans with!

While on the topic of summer and time, I’ve partnered up with my friends at JORD  for a very stylish and timely giveaway!  Consider it my summer gift to you all!


JORD makes hand crafted watches that are soo chic! The watch seen in today’s post is from their Sier Arcadia collection. Each watch in this collection is rough cut from white turquoise and hand polished to perfection! That alone is enough for me to feel proud wearing it. I actually wore it this past weekend to my friends wedding with one of the interchangeable watch bands! They help make it perfect for any occasion. I just love that the back pattern of stone dial is unique for every watch!



I chose the white marble background because it is so versatile and I love the pop of color it gives you, especially when you have that nice summer tan going on! I have my eye on the black marble one as well.


If you’re loving the modern Sier Arcadia Silver & White Turquoise watch as much as I am, then today’s GIVEAWAY is for you! One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the contest to receive a $100.00 off gift code to spend on any JORD watch of YOUR choice! Though there can only be one winner, every person that enters the giveaway will receive a 10% off gift code to apply towards a purchase of choice, so entering is a win win regardless!

In addition to entering, be sure to check out JORD’s website to see more of their sleek and custom hand crafted watch designs. They’re made from sustainable resources, make for timeless gift options, and offer an element of unique style to anyone that wears them.

Follow the link here to enter the giveaway:

Wooden Wrist Watch


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