My Hair Routine

Hey guys! I’ve been getting questions about my hair lately so I wanted to update you on my current hair routine! I started a new supplement from Bloom Hair that I have been taking the past month. You take two a day, and start to see results after 30 days of use. They also come in a cute little pink bottle! I have been working with their team and they have been nothing but the sweetest to me! Their website is here if you want to check them out and read reviews to give them a try!

Normally during the week I will wash and condition my hair (with Redken) – I have to wash my hair once a day because it is sooo thin it will get so greasy! Don’t get me wrong – I love my dry shampoo and I love to use it, but need to at least rinse my hair once a day. Once I shower I will use this miracle leave-in conditioner. It smells soo good and thanks to some of you being great followers, I realized to rub it into my hands and put it through my hair rather than spraying it directly onto my head.

I also take these hair, skin, and nail gummies daily. They are like candy! I take two of them, and I also take these prenatal vitamins. In the past I have taken Sugar Bear Hair vitamins (praise the lord they are now on Amazon and at Ulta!!). Sugar Bear Hair vitamins were by far the best vitamin I have ever taken, they made my hair grow so fast! I have also tried the Monat Official brands of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, treatment, and although it smelled good, it did not do that much for me. I know every one is different so what may not work for me may work for you!

When I curl my hair I use the t3 micro wand. I use the 1.5 inch barrel, which is perfect for the loose beachy waves. Here is just the base, and you can purchase whichever extensions you would like to use. Before I start curling I will spray in Living Proof texturizing spray which will give me a lot more volume, and is especially worth it for my girls with thin hair! Tom loves every time that I spray it in because it smells so good to him! I will then curl my hair and finish it up with my fav hair spray.

I have linked everything I use in the widget above and if you hover it will show you the prices. Happy hair shopping! 🙂


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