Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Nashville is the new place to go to for bachelorette parties, and since I have never been, was where we went for mine! It was hands down THE best vacation i’ve had in my life! And not to mention, so much fun to do a weekend thing with all my closest girls for girls time. Most of the time once I leave Tom I miss him right away, which was the case, but there was so much to do it helped to keep my mind busy!

We got in Thursday evening to a VRBO that my sister had rented – MASSIVE! It even had its’ own game room! We spent the night hanging out and playing in the game room and resting up since we had peddle tavern the next morning. I could have done that for a lonnnggg time! Peddle tavern was probably my most favorite thing out of the whole trip.  My sister booked it thorugh Country Music Crawler. Otis and another man (I forgot his name were in charge of it and made it so fun!) It was hot, don’t get me wrong (we went the second weekend in July), but you were shaded by the top of the tavern, and you were biking which had the wind cooling you off. We did the route that stopped at a few bars along the way, and if you ever got tired of peddling you didn’t have to. Literally SO SO much fun. I occasionally watch videos and wish I were back there because of it.

Afterwards we went to Bakersfield OTR for food and margaritas. Delicious! There were so many groups of people to mingle with, and I made friends with another teacher! LOL! We then went back to our house and some took a power nap, and I laid out in the pool with Kristine and Kierstin. We then went out to dinner (I don’t remember the place), and afterward we bar hopped and went around town. We started off at Nashville Underground (rooftop bar), but it was very clubby, and you had to climb a zillion flights of stairs to get up there! We were there for a little while, and then went to Honky Tonk, and spent the rest of the night there. This bar was A LOT of fun. And another bachelor party recruited us and their job was to buy our drinks all night. You even had to pay for water – and this guy was buying mine – so sweet!!

The next morning/afternoon we did the Pontoon Saloon. I started this one off feeling so sick because our Uber driver had been so erratic with his driving a few of us were nauseous. It took a little while to get back to normal, especially with being on a boat, but it turned into so much fun! They ended up having a limbo contest, and then all the brides had to do a juking contest – which I was succumbed to. Those videos will never surface ;). With the pontoon saloon you bring your own booze, and they put it into their own Yeti coolers to keep it cold – and they always make sure you have a drink in your hand. They have a guitar shaped table at the front that we got, so we got to be at the front of the saloon the whole time. Afterwards we wandered around town and went into FGL House (Florida Georgia Line) since they have a rooftop part also. I love the feeling of all of the places here and everyone is so friendly to each other! A lot of tourists i’m guessing! We then went back to the house shortly to get ready to go see Thunder From Down Under!

That was our next activity – so so much fun! It was mostly entertainment, and we all had fun! After that we went out to meet up with a few girls who didn’t go at Tequila Cowboy. This was our last night out which was fun – my sisters friend who lives in Nash even met up with us since she couldn’t make it to our wedding. It was so much fun! Any of the things we did or places we went I highly suggest! The one thing I will say – I was not that impressed by their chicken (spicy or hot) – crazy I know, but I didn’t think it was that good! Nothing special or something I would get again if I went – i’d probably try Tacos!!! 😉


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