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(PLEASE EXCUSE THE WATERMARK ON THE VIDEO – I didn’t want to pay yearly when I only want to make a few travel videos. If anyone has any good video editor programs please leave some suggestions in the comments below!!)

Tom and I decided to take my parents to Washington D.C. as a thank you for paying for majority of our wedding. I always listen to what people want or where they want to go and I always make mental notes. My mom said that she had never been to the east coast before and that she wanted to go. I made a mental note of that about two years ago and my dad being a history/architect lover I knew that this place would be perfect. I told my sister about it, and her husband had always wanted to go too – so we decided to make a family trip of it! I planned to make a long weekend trip when I was off Monday through Friday so it was perfect. We got in Friday and got checked into the hotel (State Plaza Hotel) – I highly recommend it if you want to be within walking distance of all the attractions. It is the perfect location to be in the middle – restaurants and downtown half a mile up north, and all the sights within 15 minutes walking distance. Not to mention they give you ice and water every night. For our first night we planned a comedy show, Sheer Madness. We were looking up restaurants that were by the Kennedy Center all within walking distance.

Kingbird was the first place we went to. I thought it was an american place, but it turns out it was a FANCY restaurant. Here we show up in casual wear – but it definitely made the trip start off on a funny note! After that we went to our comedy show and then just walked around the city to look at everything lit up at night. We had a CVS next to our hotel and a liquor store so we were able to get snacks and stuff for bloody mary’s. We had a lot planned to next day so we made it an early night.

We woke up the next day and tried walking around finding lunch places that could accommodate 7 of us! My brother found a place called Founding Farmers. If you want breakfast food there – this is the place to go. They have a wide menu and everything tastes DELICIOUS. That is the one thing I liked about DC is that the food was so good. We tried all genres and I don’t have one complaint! Founding Farmers also had the best spicy bloody mary. Afterwards we went walking around to see the White House, the Capital building, and then this was our day to see the Smithsonian. We spent a few hours going through the American History Museum, and the Air and Space Museum. There were so many exhibits and cool things to look at, but man did our feet hurt afterwards. We walked back to the hotel and booked dinner reservations.

For dinner the second night we went to The Darlington House. It was an italian wine place and they seat you with pillows as you can see in the video! The staff there was all very nice, and their food was amazing! I got spicy pasta which was on point. In the video there is a clip of my family dancing, because they played the same song on repeat over and over again. Each time the chorus dropped really loud my sister would always start the dance and everyone followed in. This started making people at the other tables laugh too! It was a fun time! After dinner we went to the bar downstairs and we were a few of the only ones so we just hung out as a family and had some drinks. After that we went to the casino since that was one thing my brother wanted to do. It was a new casino so everything there was so nice! I played my favorite (roulette), and Tom played his favorite (blackjack) – both losers. My sister and two brothers played the slot machines. We ended up being there until 4AM!!

The next day was a struggle getting up and we went to a cutesy place for lunch called Circa. They had your typical brunch food, and were also very nice and gracious. We then went out sight seeing to the memorials. We started off with the Lincoln Memorial, then went to the Reflecting Pool, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial where we saw my dads cousins name on the wall, World War II memorial, Washington Monument, and then trucked our way to the Jefferson Memorial. This one was so far away, but it was Tom’s favorite! He spent so long reading the quotes on the walls (as you can see in the video). We then Ubered back to our hotel to get ready for our last dinner after my sister and brother were flying home Sunday night.

For our last dinner together we wanted Mexican so we went to Don Lobos Mexican Grill. I know it’s silly to say, but they had the BEST spanish rice. I’ve been trying to reenact it since i’ve come home. No luck. She even told me how to make it! I guess i’ll just have to go back to get it. 😉

Tom and I flew back home at 8AM Monday morning so that we would have the whole day to relax and unpack/do laundry/clean, and prep for the work week. The flight was short which was good since I am not good with flying. Wrigley was so happy to see us when we got home she is always a little stinker when we leave her. If you ever go to DC I HIGHLY recommend any of the food choices we went to that I bolded above – you will not be disappointed! Thank you to my sister and two brothers for turning this into a fun family trip! And thank you mom and dad – for paying for most of our wedding!!! 🙂


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