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Hey guys!! So if you have been following along with my eyebrow journey on my Instagram, here is where they started to flake off (I got them microbladed) – if you want to know more about the process, check the highlights on my Instagram page where I answer some of the questions I was getting and more! Onto my hair review with Monat. That is the link to check out all of their products, and I have done a contact part at the bottom for Haley because she is so sweet!

I received all of this product from Haley and she was so nice to send all of this to me to try out and review since these are all non-toxic, natural products! The packaging was all dolled up – I loved it! I first started with the shampoo and conditioner, which smelled soooo good! Anyone else have shampoo that just smells so good you want to use it all without using the whole bottle?! LOL! So I used it for about a month until I was out. What I did notice is that the shampoo is less creamy (if that makes sense) than the liter bottles of shampoo I get from Ulta. This causes you to use more in order to cover your head if you have long hair or thick hair, because it doesn’t get very sudsy and spread easily. I normally use Redken tan bottle (for dry, brittle hair) or Redken blue bottle (High Rise Volume). Lately, I have been using the Redken High Rise Volume, which could have contributed to why I didn’t see a huge difference while using Monat volume. After two or three weeks of using Monat, I did notice that my hair seemed more course, which could mean it was appearing thicker. I have attached a closer up image of the shampoo and conditioner below.

One product that I really loved was the dry shampoo (picture below). When I sprayed it on, it didn’t spray starch white like most, and it absorbed into the hair REALLY well, without leaving residue. It also smells so good, just like the shampoo and conditioner products. I have very thin hair, and it gets greasy around my scalp easily, so dry shampoo is a savior!

Another product I received was split end mender, which is helpful for longer, thinner hair. I would apply this to my ends after I showered, and I personally think it definitely helped to moisten them! I have attached a picture below for reference. If you have brittle hair like me, this helps a ton!

Another product I received was their replenish masque. You put this in after you shampoo your hair and leave it in for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out in the shower. It helps give your hair a deep, deep nourish. It felt good to me personally to do this, but it is similar to deep conditioning products I have used before from Ulta.

Another product that I tried was their reshape root lifter. I only tried this twice, since when I sprayed it into my hair and rubbed it into my roots, it caused such bad dandruff after those two days of doing it. I was nervous to use it again!! I will try again in the next few weeks and let you guys know if I change my mind about it, but I didn’t see it lift my roots (could have been because it was only two uses).

Below is all of the products I received. I really enjoyed trying these products out, and the ones I would recommend were the split end mender, the dry shampoo (YESSSSS), and if you’d like to try a new shampoo and conditioner these are similar to the Redken! If you need a good deep cleansing masque, this is also a good go to! I loved that they were non-toxic, all natural products!

Thank you again to Haley for letting me try out these products! If you would like to follow her to get more information about the products she is such a great resource! They have more types of shampoo other than volume if you would like to check those out. Her IG handle is “hayhay721” or you can go here. Check it out && thanks for reading!!



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