Wedding Wednesday

Hey guys! I have been so super busy with wedding planning, so I thought it’d be fun to do a little update/wedding Wednesday post for you guys! Whether you are already married, getting married, single as ever, there are so many things that change every year with planning, and it’s so much work that you don’t expect! But then again, who thought planning a wedding would be easy?!

We found our venue last year about a month after we got engaged. We knew, since i’m a teacher that we’d have to get married over the summer if we wanted a honeymoon to happen right after, and we didn’t want to wait two years to get married so we decided to plan a wedding in 13ish months – crazy, I know, but definitely worth it!! And a lot of people are getting married in less than a year, so I guess we aren’t too crazy!

We had a family friend, Erika Edwards take our engagement photos – boy were we awkward! We aren’t much of the PDA type, and we aren’t very good models romantically ;). She was so sweet, and worked so well with us – and it rained and drizzled the ENTIRE time! I was a wet mop by the end of it! She did such a good job editing and making them perfect for us!

We had our engagement party about 3 months after we got engaged, and this was the only time that I could ever get all of my bridesmaids together (except one who was getting back from Croatia this day 🙁 ..) so I thought it’d be the perfect time to ask them! I asked them with the confetti popping balloons, so I wanted to do it all together so that whoever wanted to post it – could without ruining how i’d ask the other girls! Ten BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids!

Recently, my mom and I went to the vendor that works with our venue to pick out table linens, centerpieces, etc. I originally started my wedding wanting a white/champagne theme since it’s so elegant and clean. My bridesmaids were all going to be in gold sequin dresses, which I then realized it would snag and give them rashes on their arms from rubbing against sequins. I then chose to have them all in champagne colored dresses. That quickly went down the drain when I thought about all of the different skin tones and how some wouldn’t be happy wearing a cream dress – and if they are spending a good buck on it I want them to be happy. I then made the shift to 3 different colored dresses, and I let them choose which color and style they wanted, with 4 of them ending up being champagne (perfect because majority are then in my wedding color). I am so happy I did this, and I hope they are too. They will all look so gorgeous in them on my wedding day!

Sorry for the tangent, but that just explains how my color scheme got a little off from what I wanted, so i’m sticking with everything else being as white and champagne as possible! I started off wanting white covered chairs with champagne sashes, but then realized it reminded me of an old movie where an antique room has a bunch of sheets covering old pianos and such that kids get freaked out because they think their ghosts, etc. I then moved over to wanting chiavari (probably spelled that incorrect) chairs with tool bows around it to make it pretty, tie in my colors, and it will open up the room more since we invited about 280 people! Plus, they are more summery! I chose this runner since it meshes with when I first wanted my bridesmaids to wear gold sequin dresses, and since I want tall vases with flowers alternating with short flower centerpieces, it helps fill the table without filling it with junk! My mom was trying to convince me to have a mirror, or candles, and i’m a very simple person, so I decided quickly against it!

They are remodeling our venue, so here is a picture of what the remodel will look like. The right side is lined with almost floor to ceiling windows, and the back wall has those 3 mirrors to open up the room. They are finished April 1st so i’m super excited to see it!

I found this cake on google when I was looking for champagne and white cakes and it is absolutely perfect – simplistic, but pretty! It also ties in with our theme, and Tom is picking out the cake topper on top. ; )

These are the bouquets that I want the bridesmaids to have (we are going to the florist next Saturday) since they are all in 3 different colored dresses, plain white will tie in the uniform feel to it. I want a little more green added to it, but I think this being different from plain white roses is so romantic and pretty.

This last one is a picture of the bouquet that I want. I want mine to be different, and tie in my white and champagne theme. It will also bring out the champagne and mocha dresses as well. Thank heavens for pinterest and google because this has been such a long process!! Everything that I have decided on, I have almost changed within a few months because I change my mind after seeing new things.

This upcoming weekend we are meeting with the florist, doing our entree tasting, checking out the church to see what decorations we would want, and then meeting our invitation designer. It will be a busy day, but after we get all of those things done all that is left is to book our honeymoon, register at places, oh and a million other things that come up. They say that booking all of the places gets you crazy, then six months out gets you crazy, and then you’re fine until closer to when it’s all the little things. Thank heavens my fiance is amazing, my mom is amazing, and everyone else who has helped out is amazing – it’s helping me hopefully not turn into a bridezilla!!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, and thanks for following along!:)


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