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Hey guys! Today marks one full year since I started blogging on my website – passionforfashion!! I have been posting clothes and ootd posts before that for those who have always been following along (thank you!). And to those who are new here, thank you to you too! 🙂 I wouldn’t be here without any of you. I have learned so much about blogging and social media alone over the past year that I am going to share my highs and lows with you all. I am sharing 5 of my highs and 5 of my lows, but don’t ever forget that I love doing this!:)

Highs and successes:

  1. Most importantly I got accepted into RewardStyle – that was my goal and I achieved it in my first year!
  2. I have grown over 2,000 followers. Some I can tell I don’t have interaction with, but you obviously clicked the follow button for a reason! From those followers I have formed so many great bonds and friendships with people.
  3. I have recycled so many clothes from my closet, it has been good to help me purge and organize and see what I really need.
  4. Tom has had so much experience he is actually becoming a very good photographer – and it has been something we bond over (even though he doesn’t always like it!)
  5. It has definitely showed me that I don’t just have one style. I go from casual, to dressy, to athleisure, and it is so fun because that is what I pride myself on is being able to dress differently.

Lows and stuff I have learned:

  1. I am on my phone A LOT – whether it’s mindless scrolling, working on blog posts, editing photos, looking at new clothes, tagging products, etc. it has brought me to be on my phone a lot so it’s caused me to have to set time aside to really appreciate my time with Tom and others away from social media.
  2. There has been a lot of rejection. I have reached out to brands that say my following is too small, which I agree, but the worst thing they can say is no – and I keep trying.
  3. It is so hard to grow – there is nothing I want more than to engage and reach out to so many more people, but with Instagram and so many girls starting blogs now it is very hard to get noticed.
  4. It is very hard to be utterly open and honest with everything. I love to share about my lifestyle because it gives me an outlet to express myself, which is a lot of fun, but it is very hard to be completely vulnerable and expose your life (the good and bads).
  5. When I first started, I only wanted to get a high amount of followers, so I hosted giveaways, which does not gain you true followers – I don’t recommend that at all. I have totally changed my approach to just trying to interact as much as possible. It takes a lot of time, but gaining two new followers from commenting on their photo and forming that bond is more important than gaining 600 followers who just want to win something.

Things to remember:

If you are a new blogger, don’t get discouraged. It’s easy to feel doubt and want to give up because it’s so hard to grow. If you truly love it, keep doing it, and people will see your passion and follow along for you. It’s easy to get discouraged if you post a picture and it doesn’t get a lot of likes compared to your other ones. It may depend on which part of your following it gets exposed to. I have about 2,700 followers and my “insights” show that my posts only reach about 20% of my following. Try not to let it get to your head! I’ve had days towards the beginning where i’ve balled to Tom saying that i’ll never make it as a blogger and I should just quit and give up, but Tom has reminded me that i’m doing this because I love it and to keep trying it out and see where it goes.

As you can see, there are good and bad to everything, and I wouldn’t change this past year for anything! Although I haven’t grown much, with what I have done, I have met some amazing women and formed some great bonds! I have had collaborations which give me experience, and is so fun to try products. I am able to share my outfits all of the time – even if people don’t purchase for their reason, I love being able to share where I get all of my stuff from. So, from my heart to you – thank you! What is also fun about today is that it’s a day full of love for this reason, AND I have one of my best friends engagement parties to celebrate her and her fiance! They have been together for 6 years and I cannot wait for them to get married!



  1. February 18, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    Wow, so cute this post…Happy Birthday to your wonderful Blog! 🙂

    • mwatterlohn
      February 20, 2018 / 4:36 am

      Aw thank you so much!!

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