Valentines Day Inspiration

Ruffle top is here(few colors still available), distressed denim here, wedges here (on sale for under $40!), necklace here


We have had a heat wave here, believe it or not, so I took this opportunity to shoot a Valentine’s Day look! I am a huge fan of valentines day (and the entire month at that) because it gives me the opportunity to wear red when I normally wouldn’t. I actually ordered this sweatshirt to wear for that day because it is SO cute!

Last month for the month of February I put a heart on our bedroom door each day with reasons why I love Tom, and he enjoyed it so much – at the end of the month he had 28 different things I loved about him. It was different for me since i’m not one to verbally express my emotions – so it was perfect! Come March, I took all of the hearts and put them in clear plastic sleeves and made a little book for him – cheesy, but he likes it! I’m trying to top it this year and do something a little different, so since we are getting married I may be doing a spin on it. I was thinking something like “Things I look forward to with you in our marriage” since we are getting married this year. Do you guys have any good ideas for it?! I’ve rummaged through Pinterest and found a few cute ideas.

I was never really one to use Pinterest much, but have gone on there a lot recently. My new years resolution was to start eating healthier, but that hasn’t happened yet. How silly is it for everyone to just make a promise to themselves on one day and expect to follow it for the next 365 days? The more I think about it, any day could be a new you day. I decided that i’m going to ease into eating healthier, and hopefully it will become my lifestyle – but I can’t force myself to just do a 180.. (Tom and our 2 friends went with us last night and we pigged out on pizza and cheese fries) why would I want to give up those nights?!? So I will leave you with this link to a soup that i’m going to try this week – veggie overload, but veggies are good, and so is soup in the winter time! Have a great week loves!

Weight Loss Magic Soup


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