Fav Sweaters For Winter

Sweater is here, jeans here, shoes here, purse here

Express has been killing it lately with their sweaters and sales! I have definitely been addicted, i’m not sure about you guys! I’ve linked some of my favorite sweaters out there right now here and here. I’ve been eyeing the second one and think I want to purchase it in the navy color, but haven’t yet because I sort of want black. Maybe i’ll just get both! Anywho, I haven’t been doing a lot of blog posts lately because it has been SO cold here! When I say cold, I mean barely ever getting about 20 degrees. BRRR!!!! So I pulled these pictures from a little while ago to show you guys my daily looks outside of school! I love pairing together a sweater with details with some basic jeans and booties. That has definitely been my go to the past month or two regardless where I am going. It can be a casual look, or a cute look to go out to dinner with some friends or date.

Tom and I have been getting  a lot of planning done with our wedding since I was off for break! We decided our ceremony time, got the outline of the script and are going through that, sorted through videographers and booked the one we wanted, looked into honeymoon locations – we are thinking Aruba?!?, and have gotten the hotel block nailed down. How exciting is it to get things checked off your bucket list?!? So much of this stuff has been stressing us out because we barely have any time together during the week with our work schedules and his workout schedule, so it really only leaves weekends – if we don’t have anything planned. Now onto picking out flowers, cake, food, etc. ; )

Last weekend I went with my sister to watch her get her eyebrows microbladed/shaded in and they looked SO SO good! I was thinking about doing it to mine, but am a baby when it comes to pain. What do you guys think?!?! It would be so nice to wake up with eyebrows!!! I barely grow any hair there, so I always have to pencil them in otherwise my face will look naked! Ha! Let me know your thoughts below if you know anyone who has gotten it done – I would love to hear about it!


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