Poncho Blankets


Poncho here, top here, leggings here, boots here (on sale for $65!!), hat here, gloves here.

Boy has it been chilly here! It makes me want nothing to do with outside and if I do go outside, I have to wrap myself up in a poncho or a scarf like a blanket to stay warm! BRRR! I’m so happy that I found this poncho from last year for you guys! It’s so easy to pair with all black underneath – my go to! I wore these boots because they are so sext and flattering and can dress up any outfit. I wore them out to dinner with Tom and he absolutely loved them! And they are on sale for such a great price – 40% off!

This has been my first day alone on winter break and i’m pretty proud of what i’ve accomplished. I cleaned out and organized our pantry, made a crock pot meal, saw my friend Kim, went to Nordstrom together, dropped off my brother-in-laws last Christmas present (darn shipping) and am now home working on this blog post for you guys! Tomorrow I am meeting up some of my coworkers for lunch (so hard to go from seeing them every day to not at all for two weeks, am I right?!) and then I have a dentist appointment. If you know me, you know that I absolutely DREAD the dentist. I just hate when they pick and poke around and make your gums sore. Even though I know nothing will happen besides them making sure I have no plaque, but it’s still nervous knowing my teeth are possibly being judged. Anyone else nervous for the dentist? I probably won’t sleep much tonight knowing i’m going there – not sure why I made an afternoon appointment, but enough about that. Do you guys have any fun plans for the rest of the year? So sad knowing 2017 is almost over!


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