Smile Brilliant – Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home

Okay guys, so this is my first post about a product so bare with me – because it is well worth it, AND I have a coupon code for you at the end as well as a giveaway (it is in different colored font if you want to scroll down)! I was so excited when Jessie reached out to me about trying this teeth whitening product. I was a little nervous at first because I had used Crest whitening strips in the past and they had made my teeth feel so sensitive (and they already are super sensitive!). Surprisingly, she addressed this right away and asked me a ton of questions to gauge my comfortability level for it and if it was a right fit for me. She was also very available for fielding any questions or concerns during the process, and she would even check in to see how it was going and reminders and tips for if I experienced tooth sensitivity – she was wonderful!!

I agreed to it, and am so happy I did. They sent me a package at first which had me create molds of my teeth so that they could create custom trays for me. I had my fiance Tom help with this because I was anxious I would mess it up – but it was very easy! He laughed when we first did it because it was that simple! I sent my custom molds in and they e-mailed me to confirm receiving them, and again when they were shipping mine out which was so nice to know where the process is at for those wondering minds.

I received my whitening trays in the mail and I started using them immediately. They recommend using the whitening gel for 45minutes-3hours. I used them closer to the 45 minute marker because I was nervous about getting too sensitive. I also don’t have a lot of time at night to have them sitting in my mouth (Tom and I both do 12 hour days, so by the time we get home and eat, we only have about an hour before we fall asleep – so leaving them in for 3 hours was not even a possibility). Having them in is very comfortable in trays because you can still talk and function without having to worry about a strip getting all caught up in your gums! After the whitening gel, you rinse and dry your trays, brush your teeth to get all the gunk off, and then my favorite part – the desensitizing gel!! You leave this on for 15-20 minutes, but I wish it were longer because it does taste good (no, I was not eating it!).

They give you 4 syringes of each, and each syringe lasts about 4 times depending how big your mouth is so how much you have to use. That’s 16 times! I started using it about once every 2 or 3 days, just so I could see results versus doing it gradually over a long period of time. I again, was nervous of sensitivity so I didn’t want to do too much too fast.

If you have been wanting to whiten your teeth, this product is an absolute must have! I plan on doing it again to whiten my teeth before my wedding in July! Tom said he noticed a different after the first week! And boy does that make you feel good to have people compliment your teeth. (I brush and floss twice a day, so it’s not like my teeth were even gross or yellow, either!). Below I have inserted some before and after pics so you can see the difference. The ones with flash you can see more accurately (I guess the warm LED lights don’t do my teeth justice!) No judging!!!


^^ Here is the little case I kept my whitening trays in ^^

Before Without Flash:

After Without Flash:

Before With Flash:

After With Flash:

It may not seem like a huge difference to some people, but it is! I took pictures with and without flash so that you could see it with better lighting.

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Here are some more pictures from my experience…


^^ Here are the whitening and desensitizing syringes ^^


^^ And here I am wearing the trays – you can’t even notice unless you look! ^^

How to Whiten Your Teeth


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