Lace Up Sweater


Sweater is here, jeans here, boots here, sunglasses here

Before I get started, I apologize for all of the pictures with the sun spot on my head ;). Tom says “he didn’t notice” lol! That boy! Anywho, the color of this sweater is to die for and it is a scrunchy, forgiving, kind of cozy! I paired it with these boots that I got and I absolutely love them. It is hard to find a good pair of over the knee boots that actually stay up without chopping your leg fat in half – but these accomplished that! I love that they are flat too since I have heel versions, it’s nice to wear flat OTK boots too. This sweater is such a cute color it can easily be worn into winter and spring and the lace up on the sleeve is to die for!

Happy Wednesday! As i’m writing this on my couch, I just noticed that I have a hole in my sock! I hate when that happens. Does anyone else throw away both socks in the pair so that you don’t have a random sock hanging out without it’s spouse? I guess I should keep it in case another one gets lost?!?

This week has been a whirlwind of things – if you know any teacher friends, or anyone really who gets super busy and crazy stressed around the holidays – that is like me. This weekend we are having my joint birthday party with one of my sisters friends that we do every year – it should be fun! I’m not much of a party person (call me a homebody ;)) so we are just going to a little downtown area by me and going around to a few different places so i’m excited! The weather has definitely dropped about 30 degrees here the past two days so it’s time to start bundling up! Hope you all have a safe and fun filled weekend!:)


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