Off The Shoulder Sweaters For Fall

 Top is here, jeans here, shoes here, sunglasses here
I am obsessed with this look and color for fall! Any off the shoulder sweaters – sign me up! They are so easy to pair with things, and make for that cozy, cuddly feeling of being able to wrap yourself up – it’s like a blanket! I paired it with jeans and booties for a more dressy look, or you can wear it with leggings to lounge around in and watch TV – so versatile! I linked other ones i’m obsessed with here, here, and here, and of course down in the widget below!
Happy Saturday! So much for me sleeping in today; Tom woke me up to get his car taken in because “he hears it making a noise again”. I swear, he makes these things up in his head! Haha! He also woke me up lastnight at 2am because he was trying to order the new iPhone. This man is a night owl! But I guess it’s a good thing because I was able to research some more wedding photographers. Horror story to follow – I got home from our Halloween party at school last night to an e-mail that the wedding photographer we have been trying to contact for two weeks with no response (since she said she was available for our date), had booked another wedding on our date. I came in the door fuming because I was in such disbelief someone would not respond to a client and then book someone else, only to contact me after saying she’s now booked on our date?!?!? What a horrible person! I guess I shouldn’t rant too much; everything happens for a reason, right? Tom keeps telling me we wouldn’t want someone like that running one of the most important parts of our wedding anyway. So, now i’m hunting for another one, and if you have been following along with me you know this has been a long extensive search! Wish me the best lol!
As of now, we are about to take Wrigley into the vet to get her checked out for asthma since she has been having weird breathing patterns (our poor baby!!), and then Tom and I have my sisters 11th annual Halloween party tonight! I’m so looking forward to it! They deck out their entire house in decorations and their basement is literally like a haunted house. Tom and I chose costumes this year that require a lot of face paint – which didn’t workout too well when we were vampires last year, so wish us the best tonight! ; )
Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?!?!? Make it a fun last one before November comes!:)


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