White Pleated Top

 Top is here, long sleeve version here, shorts here, sandals here.

I wore this look out to lunch over the weekend and I love the forgiveness of this top. It is very lightweight, so I managed to not sweat too much in this 90 degree heat. It is finally starting to cool down a little more here so we are getting our fall weather that I am so in love with. I can’t wait to pair this top with jeans! I got this and a few other things from goodnight macaroon, which is a store that i’m a little iffy about. They have some great items, but their sizing is weird sometimes. This top is very true to size, and I love the pleats!

The point of the lunch was to go over wedding planning (my mom thinks I’m procrastinating – and I definitely am!). Anyone else so busy that they just can’t ever seem to get anything done ?! Lol not that that’s an excuse, but it’s something right?! Each week I just take a day at a time so I don’t have to get so stressed or anxious. Tom and I went to target the other day and I got some bath bombs and he bought me a heating pad so I can try to relax sometimes when I get home.
On a brighter note… fall days are here!!! It finally cooled down by us and I can’t get enough of it! How is the weather by y’all?!?:)


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