Fall Outfits

 Top is here, skirt here, shoes here (on sale!), purse here, sunglasses here.
Fall is officially here and I am so excited! The leaves are changing colors which is my favorite. Tom and I wanted to get our engagement photos done when the leaves changed colors and considering it’s happening now and we don’t even have a photographer is a little scary. If anyone has any good suggestions please let me know.
I wore this outfit the other day because it is still in the 90s here! Unbelievable.. yet yesterday was the first day of fall. We had outdoor ed for our sixth graders the past two days and boy was it a sweaty one – but we made it through! And I’m even more excited that today has come because we finally got new couches! I remember when Tom and I were first moving in together (4 years ago?) and he told me he got us some couches from his neighbor and that they were 5 years old and barely used. I found out now that they were really 20 years old! When he first sent me the picture of them, boy was I not happy. My mom remembers and still laughs about the look on my face when I saw them; so anywho, it’s good we got new!
Today we are meeting up with my parents for lunch to discuss wedding stuff. The next two things on our list are dj and photographer. It’s so hard to find photographers I like that are in the Chicago area so if anyone had any recommendations please let me know. I like candid but also photojournalistic pictures. I also like when they pay attention to little details of the wedding day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


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