Good American Jeans and Flattering Sweater

 Sweater here, jeans here, sandals here, sunglasses here.
These jeans were part of the Nordstrom Sale, and I am so glad I snagged them. I love a little bit of a raw look at the bottom of them, and these are the perfect shade to wear out at night or during the day. They are so forgiving and flattering at the same time! They are very true to size, and will definitely be on repeat a ton of times this fall. I paired it with this sweater because I wanted to bring out the white rips in the jeans, so I thought this sweater would be perfect for a neutral look. (Yes, I have this sweater in two colors – this and the gold, it’s just so cute to pair for the fall!). The sleeves on this sweater run a little long, so in some of the pictures it does look like I don’t have any hands, which is hard to find when you’re so tall are sleeves that are overly long. The back of this sweater has a little lace up detail but not too much which helps create the more casual but cute look, which I always strive for. I know the price of the jeans is a little steep now after the sale, but they are definitely worth it. Show my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
I was able to wear this look since we had a huge temperature drop here. It dropped about 20 degrees in a day! So crazy, but as always, that’s Chicago for you. I am happy it’s cooling down slightly because I can start running a lot more often outside now, which I love to do. If you guys saw my post the other day or insta story, I ran 2 miles and my toe has been killing me! It’s all bruised up and i’m thinking just a very serious stub. Hopefully it goes away soon! I have been on my feet a lot trying to tie up all the loose ends before going back to school on Monday. I can’t believe I just said that – back to school already! It feels like we just got out (I know, every teacher says that, but it’s true!). Time flies by when you have a lot planned. At least I got a lot accomplished this summer. I taught summer school, went on vacation to Vegas and Arizona, booked our wedding venue, we are booking our ceremony site this Sunday, I found two wedding dresses that I absolutely love and am having a hard time choosing between, spent a lot of time with my parents, got my car fixed (again, long story) from my accident last year, tutored 5 different kids on a weekly basis, and still had time to get a semi-decent tan?!?!? The list could go on and on so I am so grateful I have this time off to get this stuff done. Tom is always so jealous I get 3 weeks off in the summer – but I tell him at least he gets to come home to a nice cooked meal:)

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