Vegas/Arizona Vacation

 Hey guys! This blog post i’m going to tell you all about our trip to Vegas/Arizona! Here is me at the airport right after our Uber driver dropped us off. Tom and I usually get a limo to take us there but we figured we’d take our chances with Uber, which worked out. Funny thing about this is that Tom quit smoking almost a year ago, so he now smokes one of those vape pens. Well, he left it in the Uber drivers car! Thankfully he noticed it right when we got out, so I had to hurry and try to get into contact with the Uber driver before he left the airport. While we were waiting for him to come back, I had Tom snap this picture before we did curbside check in for our luggage. Tom was so mad he left it behind I kept thinking in my head (oh boy this will be a long trip! LOL). Our Uber driver was so nice he turned around and brought it back to us (he was thankfully just downstairs picking someone up from arrivals). So we checked in our luggage went through security and went to get a margarita with extra patron (per usual as i get SO nervous to fly!). I used to fly out of Ohare, but even with getting a cheap flight they nickel and dime you with everything it ends up being so expensive, so we started flying out Southwest since everything is included and they allow a free carry on and personal bag. I told Tom that one day I will start to try to pack less so that we don’t have to check our bags and then wait forever for them once we land – not sure when that day will be though ;). So anywho, the take off was surprisingly very good! I always have to get a window seat because I get carsick and motion sick very easily (so far this sounds like i’m the worst person to be around, but I promise i’m not TOO bad – Tom should get a medal for dealing with me though!). We landed around 3:00PM in Vegas.
I’m huge on taking pictures and I always take a lot of cool cloud pictures so that I can show my kids in Science class when we talk about layers of the atmosphere (call me dorky – that’s okay!). I thought this was such a pretty picture of the strip! So anyway, we landed, and Tom’s sister and boyfriend picked us up from the airport since they drove in from AZ and they dropped us off at our hotel. Holy smokes the line was long! Our whole stay, any time we went down to the lobby or walked through it, the line was ridiculous. Thank heavens we could check in using one of those self serve kiosks otherwise we would have been waiting at least 30 minutes. So we checked in to our room in The Flamingo, got into the elevator, walked down the loooong hallway (I think we were in the old part of the hotel), and opened our door. They definitely make these rooms look nicer online! I opened the blinds and out our window you can see onto part of the rooftop and I saw a dead bird (so gross!!). Needless to say I was not a happy camper, especially since the air didn’t work well at all – and it’s over 100 out, but Tom kept reminding me of the reasons we were staying here:
1. They had the best pool (in his opinion)
2. Chipotle was next door (He said it was – later I found out it was really down a few blocks in Planet Hollywood)
3. They had cute little flamingos there
So I said okay at least we aren’t paying a crazy amount for this so I will deal with it; not to mention how often are we going to be in our room?
We got changed and then went over across the street to Bally’s where Toms sister and boyfriend were staying and then got an Uber to take us to Old Vegas because we wanted to go zip lining and go to some of the older casinos. We met up with Toms parents, Aunt, Uncle, cousins, family friends, etc. and were gambling for a little while. Toms cousin Kaitlin and I then went to explore and we found this aquarium – I don’t even remember where we were at, but here is a picture.
Excuse the hair – it was so hot I clipped it up not realizing how horrible it looked, but I didn’t have a scrunchy so oh well! How cool is this though?! They even had a slide that went through it! We then went outside to walk the old strip and listen to music and live bands playing throwbacks, it was fun! We then went home pretty late, and woke up the next morning and just like usual it was Chipotle Sunday for us! We started our hike down to Planet Hollywood (keep in mind Tom told me Chipotle was next door so I was not too pleased lol). After getting through all of the promoters who try and stop you in the streets to get you to go to the places they promote we finally made it! We got our food, ate quickly, watched the rain storm attraction in Planet Hollywood and then hiked it back to our hotel to go to the pool. Toms’ cousin who he hadn’t seen in a while lives in Vegas with his girlfriend so they came over and met up with us, and I got to meet them which was so nice! They are so cute and sweet!
We pretty much hung out at the pool all day since the weather was perfect for it! We then went back to our room to get ready to go to Tom’s family friends place in Henderson for dinner. When we got back to our room to shower, we realized that the cleaning ladies had cleaned and taken all of our towels, and hadn’t left any for us to use! Tom went down to the lobby to complain, but of course the line was ridiculously long, so thankfully we brought beach towels we could use. (Don’t worry we complained later and they said they’d give us plenty of towels the next day, which ended up being 3 towels total – one for me, him, and an extra, thanks ;).)
After dinner we took an Uber back to Old Vegas to go zip lining since we were able to get tickets (online they sell out instantly – you have to go to the actual booth to buy them), OMG was I scared and shaking in my boots, but it was the best thing i’ve done while in Vegas!
There are some of the before pictures, you could tell how happy we were, and here are some of the pictures we purchased from their photographer…
So, so frightening, but so, so fun and exhilarating!! Definitely worth the $50! I’m not the type who likes to go out partying, i’m more about attractions and very chill places :). We then went back to the strip since we hadn’t spent much time there, and gambled and hung out with everyone a little bit. We woke up the next morning and went to Wahlburgers for lunch.
 I ordered a strawberry margarita (typical) ,and got a burger and boy was it good! They served me a daiquiri, and when we told them we ordered a margarita they said “Oh, that is a margarita, we called it the wrong thing”. We knew it was a daiquiri because there is a clear difference between tequila and rum, but we didn’t want to complain or argue, so we just left it (which is why I still have almost a whole drink in my hand in the picture above when we left). The burgers were delicious!!! And the atmosphere is so calming, you should definitely try it when you go there! We went back to our hotel with Jackie and Derek and went to the pool again. We then got ready and went out to dinner with Tom’s cousin and girlfriend for our last night in Vegas. We ate at HEXX kitchen, OMG SOOOOO delicious! I really mean that, not just saying it at all!! If you go to Vegas, you have to try it there. It is SO good! Food is great, drinks are cool, and the service is phenomenal! I wish I had a picture, but I accidentally left my phone in the hotel room.
 Before we left I had to get a picture with the flamingos since that was one of the main reasons we stayed there! We waited in the line Tuesday morning for about a half hour to check out, met some fun people in line who we had great conversations with, and left our hotel to road trip to Arizona. If anyone has had a good experience in Flamingo, I am happy for you – but we will never stay there again. I told Tom next time we are doing Cosmopolitan, Venetian, or Caesar’s Palace lol!
So on Tuesday we road tripped back to Arizona to stay with his parents for a few days, and we drove through the mountains for about 4 hours until we got there. We then went out to eat at Bobak’s (most delicious spaghetti EVER). Their staff is so fun and accommodating. Afterwards, we were so wiped out so we had a relaxing night watching some TV and spending time with family. Not to mention the next day we were going tubing down Salt River so we needed to rest up for that. We ended up watching The Challenge and Teen Mom, which Jackie had DVR’d and now got me addicted to watching both! When we went tubing I didn’t take my phone, since you don’t really have space for belongings so the following picture is all I got.
 Such a fun experience! You rent tubes, take them on this bus, and this bus takes you down the road to a stop. Once you get off you walk down to the river and get in your tube and you float all the way back to your starting point. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had some pictures, but it was good to make memories in your head, right?! Some parts of the river were so shallow so we would yell “BUTTS UP!” when the rocky rapids came so that our butts didn’t get drilled by the rocks. We floated for probably a good 2 1/2 hours and got some rays! We then headed back to Tom’s parents house for a dinner with his entire family since we were flying home the next day. Boy were we ready to see our fur baby! On our last night there, Tom saw a scorpion – so crazy!!!! I know that they are there along with rattlesnakes, but thankfully he didn’t make a big deal about it because I would have freaked out (I hate bugs and most of the time will cry).
Our flight home was nice and smooth, and we met a very nice man who sat next to us on the way home who lives in Sun City West which is where my grandpa lived before he passed away. I love to meet new people! We got into the airport, got our luggage, and ordered our Uber home. I don’t know about you guys, but when you get back from vacation it just feels so good to be home! Our vacation was so eventful, tons of good things, a few bad things, but overall very busy and we got so much done!! If you are ever in Arizona, you should definitely do the Salt River tubing. I’m not one to really like nature-type outdoorsy stuff, but this was amazing, most people who live there say to do it once a summer. It’s a fun time with a group of people that is so different to do. Next time I go I am going to buy a waterproof pouch for my phone to take it and get some pictures because it truly is beautiful to see the mountains and everything.
Sorry this is such a long post, but I had a lot to say – we accomplished a lot, and spent a lot of money!! 😉

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