Watermelon Tie Top

 Top is here, shorts here, shoes here, sunglasses here.
How cute is this top?!? I love this watermelon red color! It comes in so many other colors too – I think i’m going to get another one, perhaps the light pink?!?! I paired this with jean shorts to go look at chapels this weekend with Tom. These sandals from Target are a dupe for the Valentino ones and so cozy! They keep your foot secure and add a little detail to the outfit. I got them on sale over the weekend for only $15! You can shop my outfit using the links above or the widget below.
This week has been so rainy and gloomy – I can’t wait to leave Saturday for vacation! The last day of teaching summer school is this Friday, so Saturday morning I am headed to Vegas. I get so anxious flying in planes, i’m not really sure why. We are flying out through Southwest, so that anxiety of not having assigned seats plays a little bit into it. I am contemplating purchasing early bird check in so I have a higher chance at choosing my seat, if that makes sense. Do any of you fly southwest?!? My fiance swears by it, and doesn’t like any other airplane carrier lol! Now I need to figure out what to pack – lots of tanks, shorts, and swimsuits?! I know it’ll be hot, but i’m not sure about night time if I will be chilly or not. That is probably the big thing is how to pack a variety of clothes and shoes. Any tips from you guys?!? 🙂


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