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 Romper here, similar one here, shoes here, sunglasses here, bag here.
Phew! It has finally cooled down in Chicago to under 90 degrees – thank heavens! It has been unBEARably hot the past two weeks. High
70’s – low 80’s are ideal for me. This lady doesn’t like being too hot – I get very cranky!:) That being said, now that it has cooled down I can finally break into my long sleeve romper collection that my closet has been hoarding since last summer. I love how easy rompers are – nothing to mix or match or decide to wear jeans or shorts, white or black, etc. You just throw it on pick out a cute pair of shoes (which of course, per usual – i’m still obsessed with these sandals!!!) and go!
This exact romper I got last year from Pink Lily Boutique, but it still on their site for only $39! There are other similar ones here, here (only $18!), here, and here. I wore this outfit to Tom’s roommate from college’s rehearsal dinner. They had it at Giordano’s – yum! I’ve always eaten their frozen deep dish pizza, but had never had it form the restaurant. It was delicious! A few minutes after we got there (10 minutes late), the groom asked me to get him a glass, so I went to grab one, and I grabbed one from the top of the stack. I guess the heat or for some other reason the cup below it had stuck to it, so when I lifted the top one off the stack, the one below it stuck for a second and then dropped and shattered all over. Everyone in there turned to look at me; I was so embarrassed!! At least they know I was totally coherent?!? Anywho, back to my outfit – you can shop any rompers through the links or using the widget below. Lately I have been using hot rollers to curl my hair – maybe i’ll save that review for another post?!? Happy romper shopping!!


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