Layers To Love

 Dress is here, jacket is here, shoes are here, sunglasses here.
I wore this outfit last Sunday when I got home. It is so comfy and it’s easy to add layers with the jacket to keep you warm. If it gets hot, you just take the jacket off and still look dolled up! My converse are some of my favorite shoes to wear, and these are so cute with the ruffled back. They cling to your heel more so that your feet don’t pop out when you walk. In addition to the shoes being one of my favorites, these sunglasses have been my FAVORITE pair to wear this spring. If you don’d have a pair yet, or want more I highly suggest these!!
What an eventful week it has been! Work, coaching, grocery shopping, making dinner, laundry, training for half marathon, running this blog, my Instagram page, my closet page, etc., have kept me very occupied so sorry if my posts are lagging, but I love being this busy!! It helps the days fly by:).
This weekend I have my long run coming up, 10 miles! I have never ran that far before so i’m a little nervous for it. Any tips from fellow runners? All and any advice will be gladly welcomed:) Also, on Saturday my little kitty baby turns 2!!!! I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast. This means I get to buy her a new toy, and a cookie cake, when really I will be eating it for her! 😉
Every night after getting home, my boyfriend and I have been binge watching a new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. I read the book a few years back and it was very eye opening so I was excited to see the series. It is very sad, so be cautious when watching it! We are on episode 5 right now. What are some suggestions you guys have for good Netflix series to watch?!? I’m looking for some new ones to start!

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