First Day of March



​Color block sweater is from shophopes awhile back, but some similar styles are here and here, jeans are here, combat boots are from discovery but polyvore has some cute ones.

I’m trying to hold my hair back in all of these pictures because it was blowing around like crazy. The last picture I had my boyfriend snap of me outside of Jimmy Johns when we went to go get a baguette for our soup dinners. Imagine him holding two baguettes and a bag of BBQ chips while taking this picture lol!
Happy hump day! We made it through half the week and boy has it been a long one so far. I have started training for a half marathon so I ran 3 miles on Monday, 3 miles yesterday (got caught in the middle of a thunderstorm), and am going to be running 3 miles today so boy am I sore! I feel like it has been windy here every single day – but I guess that’s why they call Chicago the windy city! ; )
It is now officially March which means it will be warming up soon! February had been such a long short month. To help make it go by, I decided to post a heart on the door every day for a reason why I love my boyfriend. At the end of the month he had 28 reasons why I love him. Boy did he look forward to coming home every day to read them!! Sometimes he even accused me that I didn’t put one up since he couldn’t find which one was new lol:). I got the idea from one of my co-workers who was going to do it for her children. Such a cute idea! Here’s what it looks like now at the end of the month…

Now how long should I leave these up for????? 🙂
Maybe another week or two?
Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week!!

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